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The journey from Adriatico street to the EDSA international adult entertainment complex in Pasay city is alot easier than getting to Makati.  I pull up outside EDSA and still had to part with 200 pesos.  The EDSA has not been open long and not many people inside, so should have my choice of sexy young Filipino dancers…

Security is a priority at the EDSA, then is only one entrance in and out and you are frisked by doorman.  They confiscate my camera and give me a key to pick it up when I leave.  Personally I am not finding Manila a dangerous city, the Filipino people are very friendly.

Manila adult entertainment
EDSA Complex

The EDSA complex is meant to be a Manila version of the Nana Plaza in Bangkok, first impressions was maybe it was a poor cousin, alot less gogo bars and secluded.  I am feeling the fatigue of mongering and travel now though, I had also been boozing every night since my arrival in Bangkok.  Its probably more time I took a rest from pussy hunting for a couple of days, recharge, really get the horn again,  but one must persevere.   EDSA was a place I wanted to at least see and experience.  Hopefully maybe I would also encounter a sexy Filipino girl who I would want to barfine.

Manila EDSA
EDSA Gogos

According to the EDSA website, Pasay is a lively place to stay in. There is a hotel across the highway called the Copacabana very girl friendly and convenient by all accounts, if you want to spend most of your mongering time in Manila close to the EDSA.

The first Gogo I check out is the Firehouse.  The gogo girls were looking pretty average to me though, after my first beer and I am yawning.  Barfine in the Firehouse was 2900 pesos and the girls will then want 3000 pesos short time and 4000 pesos long time.

I check out a few more gogos and then notice a really cute Filipino girl dancing on stage, a few extra pounds, but beautiful, fresh looking, she just look really cute.  She was getting a little self concious with me keep looking at her, but she kept smiling.  It just made me like her all the more.  Was really in two minds about barfining this Filipino cutie but was still very early, wanted to check out a few more of the EDSA gogos.  Often this can be a mistake;

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

The EDSA opens at 7pm and stays open until 3AM, come 9pm and more punters are turning up, mostly Asian, Korean and Japanese  visitors to Manila.  Im in the Pitstop, no it was the Casino gogo, or was it the Space girls or Bullets & Arrows.

A slim Filipino girls joins me and I buy her a lady drink for 250 pesos.  She is a very friendly Pinay girl and  wants me to barfine her.  Now I was torn between two Filipino gogo girls!  The first one tip the scales though, so I left and went back to the first Gogo.  Surprise surprise almost all the girls had been barfined by a big Asian party that had suddenly arrived.  My girl was no where to be seen.

entrance EDSA
Firehouse EDSA

Well I think I have seen enough of the EDSA in Manila.  The EDSA entertainment complex is not a bad night out, you need to be in the right mood though.  The EDSA is not alot cheaper than Burgos street in Makati,  with less Gogo options.  You will surely bump into some pretty Filipino girls that will tick your boxes in the EDSA.

I not take a taxi waiting outside the EDSA for unsuspecting clients, but wave one down on the EDSA highway.  He drops me off at the Rothman hotel in Malati and was 100 pesos on the meter.  Felt I had unfinished business in the EDSA, maybe I would go back when I return from Angeles and barfine that cute Filipino gogo dancer another night.


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  1. For a second I was scared when I read that you are tired of pussy hunting! I thought no more mongerplanet, that would be a pitty!!! A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. In Spanish we say something quite similar that goes like this; mas vale pajaro en mano que ciertos volando. Which translate to it is better than to have a bird in hand while the other are flying and you cant catch them…if it could be translated like this….

    1. Pussy hunting every night can become a bind and begins to lose some of its magic. But so much to see and do in a short space of time and of course write up about. Often you can walk into a new gogo for the first time, sit down order a beer and then not find any of the girls attractive and then you just want to drink up and move on. Its feels like its going to be a long night. For me, my viagra is a really nice looking girl, maybe if I took some Viagra I would feel alot more horny and find more average looking girls attractive. But dont creating artificial dependencies. Just have a rest for a day or two, do some normal tourist stuff

  2. Or, the grass is always greener on the other side. That one always catches me out. Nice reports on Manila which I am reading right now with interest.

  3. Is EDSA quality of girls similar to Nana. Do you think it would be worth checking out or should I skip. I am there for 3 nights in Manila and would move on to AC for 5 nights hence lot of gogo nights available later on. Difference would be only if i am to find some good looking girls. I have stopped going to Nana and find girl quality is soi cowboy is much better comparatively.

    I plan to do P Burgos street one night and MBC/Havana / Ermita bars on second night. Leaves me one night to explore EDSA or i can go back to Burgos street bars,

    I dont mind the high prices if there are some good girls to be found.

    1. Yes 3 nights mongering in Manila is squeezing it all in. If I was to return to Manila I would concentrate my efforts in the Manila Bay cafe but the quality is not so good with exceptions. P.Burgos there are some cute gogo girls but sky high prices and bar fines. If you fail to find what your looking for in P.Burgos or dont want to spend a second night there then give EDSA a try. I regret not barfining cute Filipino girl that caught my eye in EDSA, dont like not to barfine when I visit a famous mongering venue like EDSA.

      EDSA is not quite the same as the Nana, not by half but worth a visit definitely. You just dont know where you are going to find a girl to your liking. If, when I return to Manila then would spend more time in Manila and would visit EDSA again, more so than P.Burgos. So that is saying something, but different strokes for different folks.

      Having been to Manila once now, I would know where to spend more of my effort and Ermita is alot easier on the wallet if not the eyes 🙂 But always exceptions, need to keep your eyes peeled, girls everywhere, they speak good English and most are very friendly.

    1. Illusion to me Ermita and Malate are one and the same area, although they may border. Malate is a real red light district lots of asian sex tourists and KTV lounges but quite a few nornal bars dotted around too
      I consider Robinsons shopping mall to be Ermita, suppose to be good for picking up non pro girls, but often girls will rebuke any attempt to chat to them as many are just doing their job and not interested in a bit of moonlighting
      But can always try. A guy on the Swagman bus from the Swagman hotel to Angeles recommended quite a few bars other than Manila bay cafe around the same area. So be sure to explore along Adriatico street.

  4. I do have a visit to International Centre, Just off Roxas Boulevard on my list. Similarly Robinsons and Harrison Plaza Mall, latter seem to be more suited for mongering. Non pro scene is not my cup of tea hence might not be spending much time in Robinsons or Mall of Asia except for a look through one evening if time permits. I surely try to visit Adriatico street.

    I have also briefly read about bars on Quezon avenue, Quezon city, not much info available on the web though. You have access to any info on this.

    1. Yes the non pro scene is more game oriented for PUA who need to massage their egos and convince themselves and the world they never pay for pussy
      Its worth taking a look but dont expect any girls to jump on you. Whore mongering is just much more efficient when you dont want relationships you are paying for them to go away after the deed
      Makes me laugh guys under the thumb who dont think they pay for it. I got loads of money they got nothing spare, girlsfriend wifes make sure of that. I guess they are not all bad though, like attracts like maybe

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