Asian Girlfriends

Asian girls come in many different shades shapes and varieties depending on their country of origin from Japan to Indonesia.  Lets take a look at stereotypical Asian girlfriends from each country and region in Asia and then vote on your favourite Asian girlfriend.


I recently did a post on your favourite ethnic girlfriend where you can also vote from Asian, Ebony to Latina and Asian girls are currently running tops by a high percentage, so Asian girls are your favourite girlfriends, so lets refine this further with your favourite asian ethnicity,

Thai Girls

Well I suspect Thai girls will come high if not the top, but is this purely because mongers only visit Thailand and have not had much experience with girls from other Asian countries.   Certainly it is hard to beat Thai girls and Thailand are for good all round fun and sex.

thai blowjob
Thai girlfriend

Some of the best sex and best blowjobs I have had have been with Thai girls in Thailand, but I have to factor in I have been to Thailand far more than any other Asian countries.  Thai girls are just natural at entertaining visitors to their country.   If you want to see more Thai pussy then check out my Thai Porn post.

In recent times though alot of the Thai working girls are turning more professional and prices are rising, not much different from getting laid with a pro in the west now.  For many young pretty Thai girls in need of money or a boyfriend, there are many more options open to them now than working in the sex tourists bars of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Filipino Girls

At a guess I would say Filipino girls are going to come second as the most popular Asian girlfriend.  And that would correlate with the Philippines being the second most popular sex tourist destination in south east Asia.

filipino puff nipplies
Filipino girlfriend

Look at this sexy Filipino girlfriend showing off her puff nipples.  Like Thailand it can be a long haul in the Philippines trying to find a Filipino bar girl that looks this good, but they do exist.  Filipino girls can be more curvy than their Thai sisters but less so than Indonesian girls.  If you want to see more Filipino pussy then check out my Filipino porn post.

Filipinos have some racial diversity too with some Spanish and American blood from the colonial years.   In the Philippines, you can still get the girlfriend experience and its still pretty cheap too. Things are changing in the Philippines too now and for the better for the poor, the Philippines has the faster growing economy in Asia.

Japan Girls

To me, Japanese girls are the most beautiful and sexy Asian girls. Japan is a country I have never been, not had reason to, its not really a mongering destination.  Cant be with all those mongers from Japan in places like Thailand and the Philippines.  But for sure I am a big fan of Japanese girls and Japanese porn is some of the most popular on the internet even the censored shit.

Japanese hairy pussy
Japanese schoolgirl

Japanese girlfriends always come across as so complicit, dressing up as schoolgirls and seem to love sucking cocks and having their faces plastered in cum.  I love Japanese natural hairy pussy too.  Yes I wish there was a Japanese version of the Nana Plaza, just full of sexy young Japanese girls dancing naked and wanting to come back to my hotel room with me.  I met a Japanese girl once off ICQ over 10 years ago now and she would just love to suck my cock and swallow my cum.

Chinese  Girls

China is really starting to come onto the mongering map as destination for some cheap Chinese pussy.  Chinese girls can be cute, very beautiful and submissive.  I recently visited Hong Kong and Macau and had a blast, although Chinese girls were not always available there.

Chinese girlfriend
Chinese bride

I guess I like Chinese girls for some of the same reasons I like Japanese girls.  Look at that Chinese girlfriend become a bride and now this white mans wife.  You would think the newly weds would wait until they get back to the hotel room.  I sometimes wonder if most of the biggest prostitution rackets in the world are run by the Chinese Mafia.  Problem is in places like England its only mature Chinese woman working the masseur parlours and brothels.  Years ago there use to be pretty young Chinese girls working, where have they gone now?

Indonesian Girls

Indonesian girls are some of the most curvy Asian girls you will find often referred to as the Latinas of Asia.  It takes some time to discover the beauty of Indonesian girls when you first start mongering in Asia, you wont come across them in Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines.  There is not much Indonesian porn out there either and wiith Indonesia being a Muslim country, at the end of the world and not a stopover for anywhere, there is not much reason to visit Indonesian unless you have discovered Indonesian girls and are a big fan of curves.

Indo girls
Indonesian girlfriend

I first discovered Indonesian girls in Singapore followed by a trip to Batam.  Then again in the nightclubs of Wan Chai in Hong Kong the infamous maid parade and domestic hos.  Eventually I take a trip to the capital Jakarta.  I want more Indonesian girls and would visit all these wonderful Asian countries again.

So there you have some of the most popular Asian girlfriend ethnicities.  I have not covered all Asian ethnicities, least of all Cambodian, Korean and Malaysian.  The next Asian country I would like to monger in or begin some research on in Burma.  Please vote on your favourite Asian girlfriend.

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