Downtown Manila Brothel

My third night Mongering in Manila and the plan was to try out the EDSA international  entertainment complex.  A trip to EDSA would be another taxi ride out of Malati, but was told traffic not nearly as bad as heading to Makati Burgos Street.  EDSA by some Asia mongers has been likened to the Nana Plaza in Bangkok.  Tonight I would find out for myself…

Before heading to EDSA tonight, I also wanted to check out that brothel down the bottom of Adriatico street that the taxi driver pointed out the night before on my way to Burgos street.  I had a wander around my second day in Makati, Manila.

Hotel Rothman Malati
Rothman hotel

The Rothman hotel is a good base to monger from, very girl friendly, no registration even, but no pool, and in the heat and humidity of Manila in May,  really needed somewhere to chill in the hot and humid days.

Pan Pacifico manila
View over Manila

The Pan Pacifico just across the road allows non guests to use their pool for 350 pesos for the day.  Great views too over Manila, would return on my last night to try and get some sunset pics.

I stop off in an Irish pub called Molly Malone’s up Mabini street, I really felt like a nice cold pint of Guinness.  First Irish pub I have been in that does not sell Guinness, I guess its a new joint and they are just getting on their feet.

Street kids begging

When walking around Manila, you will constantly be approached by street beggar kids.

Child beggars
Manila street kids

I found the best way to deal with the child beggars is to give them a coin, then they immediately walk away, with their hand out looking at the coin you gave them. For them, maybe its a sense of achievement.  I think their parents force them out onto the streets to try and make some money, they cant come back until they made some money, its a hard life, on the streets of Manila, so keep your coins handy for the poor.

Konek Tado Bar Grill

In the light of daytime I check out the location of the brothel the taxi driver pointed out the night before.  Best to get your bearings in the daytime, the bottom of Adriatico street is where alot of the ragged people sleep at night, so dont want to look lost, need to look like I know where I heading.

Konek tado bar and grill
Konek tado brothel

Its called the Konek Tado bar and grill, not look like much from outside, but looks can be deceptive.

That night I return to the Konek Tado around 8pm.  I walk inside and sit by the bar and order a San Miguel.  There are about 10 girls sat around on sofas around the edges.  There are no other punters, just me the Mamasan and some bar staff.   Immediately I notice 4 Filipino girls that look cute.

The Mamasan comes over and talks to me.    She tell me barfine for one of the girls is 2000 pesos and then the girl would expect 500 peso tip minimum but up to me.  She will do a special for me, two girls for 3500 pesos.  She tells me the bar is open from 7pm to 3am and ask me how I know of the place?

She tell me taxi drivers bring punters to her bar, then she has to charge 2500, 500 commission to the taxi driver.  So this setup is not a scam, it is just a business model.  Its not always a bad idea to let a taxi driver show you around, after all they know the city and all its dark corners.

Too Young

Im tempted by two of the girls and the Mamasan calls them over. They stand in front of me, one is really pretty,  Mamasan tells me they are 20 years old, maybe, just maybe, the really pretty one has bad teeth though.

Im looking at the other two now and they come over.  They look too young though, Mamasan tells me no way!  They have to be 18 to work in the bar. One looked 16 and her friend 14.

When the two young girls sat back down I noticed them with their faces in the mirror piling on makeup.  It reminded me of back home with underage girls trying to get in the pub, their faces thick with makeup in a attempt to look older.  If in doubt then leave well alone, else you may have to pay a 1,000,000 peso bribe to the local policeman.

It would be embarrassing taking girls that look so young back to the hotel, Ok if you have had alot to drink but then your likely have problems performing.  Im told there is a short time room across the street for 300 pesos.  I can only imagine what state that might be in.

KTV Bars

So I not take a girl from the Konek Tado, interesting to see inside a downtown Manila brothel though.    There are loads of KTV bars along Adriatico and a street that runs parallel called Mabini.  The area is totally geared towards Asian mongers mostly from Japan and Korea( hence the underage girls).

Manila ktv bars
KTV bars

Lots of pretty Filipino girls stand outside the KTV bars and try and tempt you inside, its 500 pesos entrance and you can drink as much as you want for 90 minutes and the girl will join you for 300 pesos.  But that seems to be it?  Your welcome inside, but these KTV bars are really not my scene, I should try one, one night maybe, really not into singing pop songs though 🙂  Be aware though the pretty meeter and greeter girls at the doors outside are usually not available for sex.  In Manila there is not really many options for western style bars except of course the Manila Bay Cafe for your more mature Filipino freelancers.

There are so many solo Filipino girls, in pairs and trios walking around the streets of Malati, you will bump into them in the hotels too, I guess they are in between short times.  I strike up a conversation with 3 girls and sure enough they were available.  But I wanted to head to EDSA now, so I call down a taxi, taxi driver wants to take me to better places, called Casa’s but I insist on taking me to EDSA…

2 thoughts on “Downtown Manila Brothel”

  1. I have got recco to visit Casino and Edison Casa if i want to experience the CASA scene. Would you recommend investing time to visit a CASA considering the logistics and time involved and the talent available there.

    Prices do not seem to be so different from Burgos street or EDSA gogos.

    1. I would visit a casa, they can work out alot cheaper than P.Burgos and there are some lovely girls working in the Casa’s. Its not alot of time out of your schedule. I would get friendly with a taxi driver, usually there are some linked to the hotel. Or just one you trust and have a good feeling about. P.Burgos can set you back 7000 pesos, half of that barfine. With any girls Gogo’s Casa’s they will give you their phone number so can have a repeat half price without the barfine. This works out better though for expats etc who are there long time. So yes I would try the Casa scene.

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