Burgos Street, Manila

A good afternoon in Malati with the Filipino freelancer.  Later that evening I have some food in the Rothman hotel and then take a walk down to Manila Bay hoping to catch some sunset photos.  My plan for tonight was to hit the gogo bars along Burgos Street in Makati.

As I leave the Rothman hotel, the filipino girl I took from the Manila Bay cafe my first night out in  Malati is waiting for me outside with one of her friends.  I tell them I will meet them in the Manila Bay Cafe later, but I dont, just want to get rid of them.

Taxi Malati to Makati

No sunset to be seen over Manila bay so I return to the Rothman and negotiate with a taxi driver to take me to Burgos Street for 200 pesos after negotiating down from 300, the hotel receptionist said it should cost 100, but the driver wanted extra for the time spent in traffic.  The traffic to Makati is terrible, worst than Jakarta.  What should have taken 10-15 minutes took more like 1 hour 30 minutes.  Better off leaving such journeys to Makati well after 9pm.

As we squeeze our way out of Adriatico street the taxi driver points out a brothel to me and tells me it is good.  Lots of cheap young Filipino girls although the area looks rough.   I will return there tomorrow night and take a look.  The taxi driver will take me to Angeles city on Saturday for 3000 pesos.  Its not a bad deal but will first see if I can get something cheaper like a bus.

P.Burgos Bar Crawl

Eventually we arrive at  Burgos Street in Makati and I jump out of the taxi.  Not that busy a few people about, Burgos is not really a tourist spot like Manila in general.

Burgos street Manila
P.Burgos Street

Initially I was a little hesitant about entering my first gogo down P.Burgos St but then do a few bars including Rogues, Bourbon Street, price for drinks range from 60 to 160 pesos.

P.Burgos street
Burgos street gogos

Rogues sports bar seems to be one of the most popular with expats down Burgos, some nice Filipino waitresses too that are available for takeway.


Eventually I make my way to Ringside where you can watch some midget boxing as well as semi naked Filipino gogo dancers and the like.

Ringside bar manila
Ringside Burgos

A really cute Filipina girl joins me, aged 22, really beautiful, super fit tight body, really nice too.  The firm tummy is really something after those flabby guts you find with the Manila bay cafe bar girls.  I buy her a lady drink for 390 pesos and she takes me to the back of the bar in a dark corner and sits on my lap facing me.

She lets me get her tits out and suck her hard little nipples.  Lovely firm little Filipino tits, nice handful.  She lets me put my hand inside her pants where she has a lovely tight fully shaved Filipina pussy, she seems to like me fondling her.

Lovely girl but the barfine is a whopping 3900  pesos!  Then she will want another 3000 pesos.  In Burgos the barfine not include the girls fee.  Its really expensive in Burgos street, tourists not make up the clientèle here, I think places like P.Burgos St more cater to business accounts.

ringside bar P Burgos
Ringside Bar

We watch some midget boxing, which I really enjoy, they not mind you taking photos of the midget boxing.  They pull punters up to referee the boxing match.  I sneak in a shot when one of the sexy Filipino waitresses is walking past.   After the boxing match is over the midget come round expecting a donation.

Filipino Stunners

Some of those Filipino Asian girls do have some curves more than their Thai sisters.  Certainly there are some Filipino stunners working down Burgos St in Makati.  Why not when you can earn good money.

The tactic with these girls working in expensive bars is if they seem to like you to get them to give you their telephone number.  This is what my Filipino waitress did.  But she had to be careful.  She had to goto the toilet and write it down and then secretly pass it to me.  They will be sacked if caught doing this.

The management are only well aware they stand to make a big loss if the girls do this.  Its better to go prepared and write down your local Filipino sim number on some strips of paper and give your number to them.  Where making money is concerned you can be sure the girls will ring you, after all its the only reason the girls are working in the bar in the first place.

Problem is my Filipino waitress not finish work until 3AM.  By then she will be tired and I will be fast asleep. But I have an option for another day in Manila.  But to me the barfine is way to high in the Gogos down P.Burgos St.

P.Burgos St Bars
Burgos bar crawl

After Ringside I try a few more gogos down Burgos St.  I was in one Tickles I think and there was this really pretty young Filipino girl working, she looked new.  An older girl with her tells me she is her sister and she is a virgin.  Its her first night working, how much would I pay to take her virginity as part of a threesome with her sister.  Yeah sure….  Could be a great fantasy though if money no object 🙂

There is quite a few young Filipino girls working along the street of P.Burgos offering massage as a front for prostitution, some Filipino ladyboys too they constantly proposition you as you walk along.

Had some lovely food in the Cuban bar in the center of Burgos St then take taxi back to Malati for another 200 pesos.  Taxi driver wants to take me to a place called the Dormitory where lots of Filipino students go with punters for some extra cash.  But  Iv had enough mongering in Manila for one day.



2 thoughts on “Burgos Street, Manila”

  1. Hi Monger. Interesting report. I am amazed that you have found a place where the traffic is worse than Jakarta! The girl in your dwarf fight pic looked hot. Are the Filipino girls as big chested as their Indonesian counterparts?

    1. Yes I noticed her in the pic, by then I was already with a very attractive Filipino waitress. I would definitely say Filipinos are more curvy than Thais, but less than Indonesian girls. No Indonesian girls win hands down for curves in Asia. I would also say that Filipinos are probably more on the petite small side than Thais, if that makes sense, shorter generally.

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