Manila Filipino Freelancers

My first morning mongering in Manila and have a cooked American breakfast in the Rothman hotel, included in the price, the breakfast was not bad.  I then take a walk around to the Robinsons shopping mall to check out the local Filipino talent


Yet to pull a girl in an Asian shopping mall, lots of girls, some look around and smile but you are going to have to approach the girls and strike up a conversation, its not like the bar scene.  These Filipino girls working or shopping are mostly non pros.

Ermita Robinsons
Robinsons shopping mall

In a place like Malata Ermita you do have some exotic factor.  Not so many white tourists around although a few.  Its worth a look in the Robinsons shopping mall, but really not my scene, I just wanted to find the exit out.

Manila Bay

I then take a walk down to Manila Bay. Manila Bay is hardly a tourist attraction. Its a bit dirty, lots of beggar children around.  That boy was actually wanking!

Manila bay
Manila bay

There are a few guys around with horse and cart that will take you on a tour around the city sites. Its a good way to get your bearings and sometimes some intel.  Check out my mongering map of Manila.

These local guides want to make money and tourists are money. They know where the the local pinay girls are, sometimes you have to ask, or they ask you want you want?.  I dont know not really trust him, reminded me of those tuk tuk drivers you get along the Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

Manila Bay Cafe

Its hot and sweaty walking around Manila. I decide to head back to Manila Bay Cafe( formerly LA Cafe) to check out the day game. The Manila Bay Cafe is open 24 hours and you can pick up Filipino Freelancers any time day and night.

La Cafe Manila
Manila Bay Cafe

Inside the Manila Bay Cafe and its pretty busy with punters and Filipino freelancers.  I take a seat near the door and order some food, A guy leaves with 3 Filipino girls in tow, I know where he is going, hope he has fun.  The LA Cafe has alot going for it, its big, pool tables, rock music, good selection of beers, but the food is terrible, they should sack the chef.

Filipino CIM

A curvy Filipino girl joins me, I find her quite attractive in a slutty sort of way, she got nice curvy hips, friendly and a nice smile and pecker wreckers on her teeth.   She is far from perfect though,  at this point I am not planning on taking anyone, just observing the day scene in the Manila Bay Cafe.

Tonight I am planning on taking a taxi to Burgos Street in Makati, so plan was to barfine an expensive Filipina Gogo dancer there, its only one night out of my life after all.  I buy the freelancer a drink and the beer goggles are slipping into place.  She will do what ever I want for 1500 pesos.

She promise I can cum in her mouth CIM and over her face and can take pictures or film her.  I am getting a hardon in my pants, after all I not cum the night before, pretty sure I wont fail now, so decide to take her back to the Rothman hotel.  Good thing with freelancers and the Manila Bay cafe is there is no barfine to pay.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentTrue to her word, she gives great blowjob and lets me CIM cum in her mouth.  In fact when I had finished, I forgot about the camera, and she reminded me to take some pics!

No Stunners

She was one of those Filipino freelancers who looked alot sexier in tight jeans than when she took them off.  Very flabby tummy, obviously had a few kids and drunk a few beers in her time.  Some of these girls have bigger beer bellies than the men.

Would be better maybe if we met the freelancers in the gym rather than the bar.  Then inbetween clients they could work out rather than eat and drink, keep those tummies firm and tight.  Feel sorry really for these girls, life is hard here in the Philippines.  Not seeing any stunners though, good lookers whose pussy you want to lick and fuck.  Stunners are thin on the ground in the Manila Bay Cafe, non existent, not good if you are really fussy. Just blowjobs from these Filipino freelancers for me, for now.

Enjoying Manila though, its raw and its dirty, cheap too, those Filipino freelancers from the Manila Bay Cafe may not be the most attractive girls in the Philippines but they will do anything for 1500 pesos.

Tonight I hit Burgos street in Makati, but my balls are empty now.


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