Jakarta, Indonesia

Well yesterday on the news I hear its Ramadan in the Muslim world and it reminds me of my journey same time last year to Jakarta in Indonesia where I was careful to just miss Ramadan by a couple of days only.  Jakarta has been coming up in the comments lately so thought I would repost my memoirs on mongering in Jakarta…

Bangkok to Jakarta

Flew into Jakarta from Bangkok with Air Asia, return fare was £270, flight time a little over 3 hours.  At Jakarta airport you have to pay for a visa on arrival VOA which costs $25. Blue bird taxi from airport to hotel in Kota, North Jakarta costing 110,000 Rupiah including tip.

Jalan Mangga Besar

I was staying at the Sparks hotel along Jalan Mangga Besar the heart of the mongering action in Kota.

kota sparks hotel
Sparks Hotel

My first night in Jakarta I find Lokasari plaza and then some bars like My Madonna and Bintang Mawar.  My Madonna had some nice house girls and Bintang Mawar was very busy early evening with local Indonesian guys drinking and some drunk.

Sparks Hotel, Thematic Sex

My first night mongering in Jakarta I played safe and indulged in some thematic sex back at the Sparks hotel. For 700,000 Rupiah, you choose a theme – I chose office and then your girl – I chose a busty mid twenties Indonesian girl.

indo girl fucked
office thematic sex

She then takes you to a room done out like an office and then gets dressed up as a secretary and calls you boss. Good session with her on the office table. Beware Indonesian condoms are really on the small side and you should carry your own.

Hotel Travel

My second day mongering in Jakarta I try the Hotel Travel a 5 minute walk from Sparks Hotel. Hotel Travel opens around 2 pm and you enter the Spa through a side entrance. Inside some really nice house girls sat around in a lounge area.

House girls Travel hotel
Hotel Travel House girls

Mamasans are trying to get you to choose one of their girls. Eventually I choose a sexy curvy 19 yo Indonesian girl who leads me to a really nice room, very clean and large. Good session with the girl in the Travel Hotel, she was fun, enjoyed it alot more as had taken my own condoms.  Man look at that hairy Jave pussy!Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentSome real Indonesian stunners in the Travel hotel I could have spent all my time in the hotel travel but wanted to experience other options in Jakarta. Total bill including a few beers was under 500,000 Rupiah which you settle on exit.

That night the bar in Sparks hotel had some nice Indo dancers on stage going topless.

Pen J Sari Ayu

Not alot to do in a place like Kota during the day when your not mongering. I make my way through Lokasari plaza and catch a Bajaj to the bars clubs down Pen J.   Bajaj fare was 15,000 Rupiah.  Sari Ayu is just opening and the guy inside is keen I take a girl. He introduces me to this real slim young Java beauty and I have to take her.Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentThe short time rooms in Sari Ayu are small and a little dirty but I make do. The girl gives excellent service, total cost under 350,000 I leave a happy monger.


That night I enjoy some topless dancing in the lounge bar at the Stadium disco and hotel. House girls not see anything special.

Stadium Kota
Jakarta House Girls

The disco night club in Stadium was very impressive, but I not have a second pop.

Blok M

My final day and night mongering in Jakarta I want to get out of Kota. So take blue bird taxi to central Jakarta and plaza Indonesia. Later I take a second taxi to Blok M, south Jakarta to experience the bars down Palatehan.

Both taxi fares were around 50,000 Rupiah. The most lively bars in Blok M, were Top Gun and D’s Place, the other bars were empty almost. The bars down Blok M have lots of Indonesian freelancers inside them.   Most alot mature than the girls working in Kota and most have children to support. These bars are also popular with Western expats. I got some really good offers in both bars for threesomes long time back at my hotel in Kota.Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentEventually I settle on two girls in Top Gun and take them back to Kota all night for 700,000 Rupiah total. Good girls, well behaved, did whatever I wanted to do.


Really enjoyed mongering in Jakarta, lots of cheap quality Indo pussy on offer in Kota. Not much to do in the day though, Its difficult to get around due to there being no MTR and the city is one big traffic jam. Alcohol is expensive. Local food is very tasty and cheap. Hotels were very good and reasonable priced in Kota.

jakarta pussy
Travel hotel

Be careful to avoid Ramadah as most bars shut, I was leaving one week before the onset of Ramadan. If you like Asian girls with more curves, Indonesian girls have it all, often called the latinas of Asia. Most girls I had were natural down below too which I also love on Asian girls. Indonesians were friendly and helpful, no problem with muslim culture and could get by with minimal English.

If you are planning on a mongering trip to Jakarta I highly recommend reading Loso Jakarta reports that reside solely in the World Sex Guide forum.  Loso is a legend monger and a photographer, his reports and photographs are exceptional.  Its a little out of date now but still 95% correct, I based alot of my intel on Jakarta from these reports.

jakarta teen girl
hairy indo pussy

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22 thoughts on “Jakarta, Indonesia”

  1. Very good summary and update on Jakarta. Personally I adore the place and went back there recently after a break of several years; the buildings may have changed and some places and people may have moved on but it is still the same Jakarta I have grown to love so forgive me for leaving more than one comment in this section.

  2. Okay, regarding your summary here are a few of my comments, tips and recommendations on Jakarta.

    1. Taxi on arrival
    Arriving in the outside bedlam part of Soekarno-Hatta Airport with the many rip off taxi touts coming up to you, you really can feel vulnarable and slightly intimidated if this is your first time visit, but there is a simple solution, once through immigration, a row of taxi desks is located on your left as soon as you walk through into the arrivals. THIS SECTION IS VERY EASY TO MISS. Tell the booking clerk(s) your destination and just move on to the next desk if you feel the price they tell you is too high. You will find the prices do vary a lot due to the level of sevice and type of car but it is a lot less hassle and far much safer (and cheaper in the long run) than dealing with the touts outside and also the driver will know in advance and be advised in his own language where he is going.

    2. Hotels around Jl Mangga Besar
    For location, comfort and naughtiness Sparks is a good choice of hotel, however, I thought the pool and pool area was small and rather unappealing. If you are looking for somewhere a bit more solid and larger with a much nicer pool area one of my favourites is the old school type Jayakarta Hotel, also in a good location in nearby JL Hayam Wuruk.

    3. Lokasari Plaza.
    You may or may not know that L Plaza was where the once famous and infamous Town and Country disco bar was situated before it closed. Great shame as it was a great place to go for a bit of afternoon delight every day of the week would you believe. However, not all is lost as I have recently read about another similar venue in the same location called ‘Milles’ which if I am led to believe peaks at around 8 or 9 in the morning (not the evening) and is always busy. Any further sightings, reports or updates I will read with interest.

    4. Stadium Disco and other local places.
    You mentioned your visit to Stadium Disco, well not a lot of people know this but by chance I stumbled across a very similar place about half a mile just up the road in Gladok Plaza called Golden Crown Nightclub. The sheer resemblance to Stadium is uncanny.

    Perhaps an even better recommendation for the dark underground seedy nightlife is Siera Discotheque on Jl Mangga Besar. Outside with its fake roman pillars it looks like one of those large massage buildings which you see in Thailand.

    5. Tourist camera picture opportunities.
    Forget Ancol in north Jakarta which is just a large amusment park area with a small section of beach the size of someones small front lawn next to the polluted sea, but just a couple of miles north up the road from JL Mangga Besar is the historical cobbled area of Fatahillah Square and museum. Nearby are the old City Canals which would have looked nice at one time before they becam stagnent and polluted. Nice area to walk around and enjoy a nice cold beer and lunch at the lovely dutch colonial Cafe Batavia.

    Also downtown a bit in the centre of Jakarta in Monas Monument Statue which gives you a great view of things from the top with a big vast park below.

    6. And finally my recommendation for an even better area to stay in.
    Because of the citys bad traffic etc, I have in the past stayed in up to three different areas of Jakarta, enjoying each district before moving on or down in my case from Kota (north Jakarta), to mid town and then finally to the block M in the south. However, as taxis are still dirt cheap I have found it is no problem travelling from one area of town to the other late at night especially wnen the trafiic is not so bad.

    A good mid town option to stay in is south of Monas Monument around JL KH Wahid Hasyim, just off JL MH Thamin. As well as being close to Plaza Indonesia, this area is handy for the main night time mongering hotel venues like Bats, CJS, Tiga Pulah etc and of course a lot closer to Block M than in north Jakarta.

    Wahid Hasyim street has some nice bars, a couple of shopping centres, some now better hotels and nice restaurants ond off this nice street is the sadly dying but still, still alive JL Jaksa – the Jakarta equivelant of Bangkoks back packing Khao San road less the back packers. Jl Jaksa is really cheap, cheap Charlie territory but full of character.

    1. Thanks Mathew for this very informative update on Jakarta Mongering
      When you arrive in a new place it can be very nerve racking getting a taxi into the city and often trip reports just leave out some of the more mundane details
      I felt anxious at Jakarta but waited at the public taxi rank for almost an hour but that was better than the taxi mafia hanging around that I nearly got in
      There is always a public taxi rank at the airports, you should never take a lift from someone working outside the airport. Felt anxious at Manila too and Rio.

      I updated this post and plugged in my slideshow of some of the photos I took around Jakarta. I notice now in Lokarsari plaza Millies sign on the wall
      It being open at 9am in the morning is definately filling a niche. Often thats when I am feeling my most horny and there is not much to do about it other than wait

      You make me want to return to Jakarta

  3. Most things are not impossible. If It was me over there in that part of the world right now and I had a lot of free time I would probably look into getting a cheap flight to Jakarta for maybe a long weekend. plus a couple of days 🙂 And also try out and put to the test one of those £20- £25.00 a night nice looking hotels whic I see on Booking.com

  4. hi,
    thank you guys for the greet information:-)

    end of october i will stay 3 days in jakarta for the first time.
    which bars do you guys recommend at lokasari plaza or Mangga Besar?

    bintang Bar?
    SEIRA Bar?
    Crown or something like this?

    where can i find freelancers?


    1. for three days only in Jakarta, make sure you are in a hotel in Kota along Mangga Besar. then all your options are within walking distance. the bars like Bitang and Seira are all close together so can just bar hop. Each has house girls that you can choose some are cute
      Lokasari plaza has some freelancers hanging around especially at night, near the KFC. there is a mamasan who has a troup of girls too, she will find one for you. Head into Lokasari plaza and out the others doors and take motobyke rider to the Pen J bars sometime after 2pm
      Be sure tot try out travel hotel and Stadium disco too. Too many options for 3 days only. Kota in Jakarta has some great mongering, lovely indo girls, but fuck all else to do.

  5. Thank you,
    I will stay at sparks.

    I hope, you are ok with some other question, thank a lot:
    -Is stadium disco open again? If it is still close, which alternatives do you recommend?
    -What can I do on the daytimes?
    -God, clean Food/Restaurants in this area?
    -And where can I go with a freelancer from lokosari? To sparks or is there also short time-hotel?
    -Can I take one or two girls to sparks? Are they ok with that or will they be confused.


    1. Sparks is a good girl friendly hotel, which has its own spa where you can have thematic sex
      Most of your questions are answered in the post. Those two freelancers from Blok M I took back to Sparks all night
      Both gave me a great blowjob in the morning with cim
      I not know Stadium had closed?
      the restaurant in Sparks is really good, thats where I ate mostly
      not much to do in the daytime, Sparks does have a pool area, so take some books and mp3, else you need to take taxi somewhere

    2. hi am goin to jakarta on june i book the hotel called grand mercure harmony is this a girl friendly hotel.Please i need some expert advice.i have already payed the hotel and i cant cancell it.

      1. If this is the mecure in Kota north Jakarta,then yes the hotel is girl friendly, or the last I knew it was guest friendly. I think most hotels in Jakarta are girl friendly.
        Another thing to do is email the hotel and ask them for their guest policy. I assume you have booked a double room? Also keep the email they respond with if there are any issues
        You should check this sort of detail out before booking. Sometimes hotels can change their policy, charging a joiner fee etc.

        A contributor to this thread, illusion_heart has recently stayed at the mecure in Kota, can he tell us his experiences there?

  6. I went through you blog and needed some advise. I am slightly confused on whether should I book 5 nights in mercure kota or split into 3 in Kota and 2 in Blok M. I want to visit travel, classic, malioboro in daytime but at night I would like to go to CJ’S or BATS or various bars in Blok M as I prefer LT.

    1. Hi Illusion
      As your first trip to Jakarta I would consider it more a reconnaissance so yes out of 5 nights, 3 nights one place and two the other.
      If I was to return to Kota then I would stay in the Mecure, so I would say that was a good choice, and be sure to check out the Travel Hotel one afternoon
      Everything is within Walking distance. CJs BATs I not try but often the women are not the most beautiful just more confident and business minded dealing with tourists, of course there are exceptions
      You will find the more beautiful Indo girls in Kota. Kota is a dive though

      You may wish to take a trip to street with all the bars, top gun etc in Blok M more older freelancers though
      Jakarta is hard to move around, so you need to keep this to a minimum, at night after say 10pm the roads are fine, but during the day a trip can take hours, so plan your moves

  7. I finally booked the Mercure considering the options available in Kota itself. I would be landing at 11.30 pm from Manila and it would be almost 2 am by the time i reach Hotel. It seems that Millies and Golden Crown are two late night options for FLs. Both seem to be situated in Loksari plaza. Is the plaza within safe walking distance from Mercure Kota or would i be better off paying for taxi i.e. if i find one at that hour.

    I dont want waste a single night in Jakarta as daytime nothing much to do but sleep. Late afternoons would be Travel, Malioboro and maybe Alexis if Philippines has not sucked my dry in the 8 days i spend there.

    Overall is it safe walking around Kota in night or should be avoided, not that i would be carrying too much cash on me except for few drinks.

    Any suggestions on whether carrying the scanned copy of passport and VISA on phone is good enough alongwith or would passport be required especially if i am doing the Kota to Blok M or CJ/BATS trips in late night alongwith girls.

    1. You would be better off taking a trike from the Mecure hotel in Kota, especially at that time of the early morning. There will be plenty about.

      If, when I return to Kota in Jakarta will stay at the Mecure, so please let me know how you get on there.

      I always use the daytime to get my bearings. Even early in the morning people will be going about their business down the Jalan Besar( the main road ) I never detected any animosity or bad feeling, people were friendly. You will see few other tourists around the Kota area but they dont pay you special interest either.

      Never carry your real passport, I never would, scanned copy should be good enough. Remember police here can be bribed for a small amount of money. Basically they are stopping you for a small tip to not hassle you or ruin your night. Just offer them the going rate to leave you alone( cant remember what that is now) Dont worry you will be fine.

      Body language gives alot away. Act as if you know who you are and where you are and you been here a while. You will have fun and Kota in Jakarta is mongering how it should be, cheap and plentiful beautiful Indo girls

  8. I visited Jakarta in first week of May from 3rd till 7th. I had booked Mercure Kota and will recommend to anyone wanting make Kota a base for their trip.

    Summary of my experience in Jakarta:

    1. FL scene in Jakarta was nonexistent or at least I didn’t come across any good ones. I had to hang up my gun on the wall during these 5 days. There was simply no game to hunt. I went to discos/clubs such as Milles, Golden crown, Colosseum, X2, CJs and BATS. There needs to be something done about the lighting in Discos. I still cannot understand why every place is Pitch Dark. Some mature ladies here and there, nothing to fancy or take to hotel.

    2. The spa scene is good for a single visit but I don’t see myself going back to Jakarta again only to meet girls in spa or massage parlour. It’s like shooting chicken in a pen with a bazooka. I visited Alexis twice (Viet and Indo girl sampled), Mailoboro once, Travel twice and classic once. Malio Club (in Malioboro spa) had the best looking girls I have come across in entire Jakarta. These girls are not available for ST. You need to get them drinks atleast 4 to start with each costing 50k indo rupaih and then try your luck. Chances are that after downing your 2 mill worth of drinks girl might just walk away. I did 1 session in Kartika as well and if anyone is into BBW women then this would be the place to visit. Prices for Alexis were 2.3 Mill for Viet, 1.3 Mill for Indo girl. Rest spas were between 350k to 500k indo rupiah for ST. Our drink and lady drink not included.

    3. Local food in Jakarta is something I didn’t try. I am very comfortable with street food in Thailand and even tried in Philippines but couldn’t dare to in Jakarta. Maybe I need to do some reading if I am going to visit again.

    4. Social media app scene was also very poor compared to Philippines or Thailand

    5. There is not much of a price advantage compared to Thailand or Philippines It all added up in the end.

    6. I got a mix of CBJ and BBBJ in the sessions I had unlike Philippines where I completely enjoyed BBBJ and liked it. DFK was also not assured in all session. Never tried Greek so cannot comment on that.

    7. I felt that local language would have been an advantage while picking up local girls in Discos. I found the non or semi pro girls slightly reserved towards foreigners in spas.

    8. 9 out of 10 blue bird guys never gave change back to me. So much for honesty. I can only imagine how bad other operators might be.

    9. I had read well and had planned my trips to avoid traffic jam and was quite successful in doing so on ground. Kindly plan your travel in the afternoon or late night i.e after 10.

    10. I couldn’t make it to Blok M this time. I sure will if I return.

    11. Girl tantrums were existent. I found girls to be more hardcore or pro comparatively.

    My schedule is blocked in the current year till December with repeat visit to Philippines and Thailand and visit to cambodia if time and money permits.

    I would definitely not come back purely to bed girls in the spa or massage parlours, Thailand is much better in comparison for that.

  9. hi there, i am planing to go to jakarta again. last time i was just for 3 days with friends and could not do what was planed.

    how is hotel olympic at lokasari plaza?
    where can i find now freelancer?
    which strip-clubs would you recommend. (not expensive or exclusive)


  10. I guess Im 4 years late to give advice to Illusion_heart. Im heartbroken to hear that you fall into a tourist traps in Jakarta’s nightlife scene. It shouldn’t happen to you nor anyone. If by any chance you would give Jakarta a second chance, I would be more than happy to assist you.
    Lokasari/Kota/Mangga besar area is actually not safe for street walk especially solo at night. There are many motorcycles gangs/pickpocket cruising around waiting for the right time to do their crime. Please be safe.

    For international flight, normally you will arrive at terminal 2
    -From airport to hotel

    1. as soon as you pass custom declaration check point and exit from that door, you’ll be greet by small taxi kiosk (on your right side). Ask for “avanza bluebird” for 350.000IDR upfront ( flat rate include toll fee). Bargain if they charge you more as they probably would. I suggest to act like you are frequent Jakarta’s traveler. (you can pay with visa/Mastercard)

    2. go our from the airport and you’ll see bluebird taxi line up right on the street. Pickup the Queuing ticket and wait until they call your number. there should be many people waiting there. I strongly suggest ONLY use BlueBird DO NOT use any other. (for taxicabs, you will be charge toll road and cost is depend on traffic. Maybe cheaper than “avanza” package (150.000IDR – 250.000IDR)

    Driver tips= 20k-30kIDR

    -For In-town transportation, I suggest to Download “GRAB” app (Indonesian version of Uber) before your arrival and register using international number. Others might suggest you to download another app “GoJek”, as far as I know, the registration wont work if you use international number.
    Warning: DO NOT use online app from airport to your hotel. Use either option above. From hotel to airport is Okay to use online transportation.

    Many things has change since then. Alexis Spa is grounded and Stadium is now a memory. Most veterans has move to 1001 and Colosseum. Its a normal business cycle in Indonesia Nightife industry. Tematik Spa sadly also out of business.

    There are new places around kota such as 108 The new atmosphere and Kabuki.
    North side (Kelapa Gading) has King cross, similar to classic.
    Bfashion in west side Jakarta, (Near Taman Anggrek Mall) and Fashion spa at gunung sahari is also worth to checkout.

    I Organize Nightlife Tour in Jakarta (Foreigner only) and the Itinerary exclusively tailored to your desire. A fluent english and experience tour guide will assist you 24 hours during your visit and it is a completely Hassle free, Safe and cost effective. Feel free to reach me if you have any questions.

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