Manila Bay Cafe

Its my first night out mongering in Manila and I am heading to the Manila Bay Cafe formerly LA Cafe.  The Manila Bay Cafe is a well known freelancer pickup bar in the heart of Malate, full to the brim with Filipino girls open 24 hours.

The Manila Bay Cafe is only a 5 minute walk from the Rothman hotel where I am staying.  Inside the Manila bay cafe and its pretty lively at around 9pm with western, Asian and even some Arab clientèle.  Its quite large inside, a big circular bar area on the ground floor with stools all around where people sit.  I manage to find a spot at the bar and order a drink.

Its not long and got three Filipino girls sat around me,  they are friendly and remark not seen me before.  The problem is inside a lively bar once you sat down, its then hard to move around and check out all the girls.  You get kind of limited to your immediate vicinity.  Like most of the Filipino girls in the LA Cafe, they were average looking at best.  Most of the girls in the Manila Bay cafe are more mature, late twenties early thirties, desperate to make some cash to feed their families.  In fact I had read alot of them have infections of the Venereal kind, which was a little off putting for me.

The girls I was chatting to were very friendly and all of them wanted to come back to my hotel with me for a foursome.  There first offer was 2500 pesos but this soon dropped to 1500 pesos once I not show much interest.  That was for all night too.  Its quite common in Manila to take two, three girls back to your hotel.

In the Manila Bay Cafe there is an upstairs bar too, I manage to slip away from the girls downstairs and take a look.  In the upstairs bar they have a live band playing mostly rock cover tunes.  Its mostly popular with Asians upstairs Japanese and Korean and the girls are alot younger and some only go with Asian men.  But westerners are welcome.  I feel a little uncomfortable upstairs, Im like the only western man and the girls look too young!

I decide to pop across the road to a bar call the Amazonia.  Would seem La Cafe has the monopoly on the bar trade in downtown Malate.  Almost empty inside the Amazonia.  There are a handful of Filipino freelancers inside the Amazonia but they are mature like in their forties, too old for the Manila Bay Cafe I am told.

I am heading back to the Rothman hotel and I bump into one of the Filipino girls I had been talking to in the bar in the Manila Bay Cafe and I decide to take her back to the hotel for a blowjob.  She will stay as long as I want for 1500 pesos.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentIn the hotel room, she cant sleep and just wants to suck my cock, she goes down for ages and wants me to cum in her mouth and all over her face.  For some reason I cannot cum though, too much beer in the end I let her go early at around 3AM.  She tells me an interesting story before she leaves.

Before she hangout in the LA Cafe she worked full time as a petrol pump assistant earning 270 pesos a day.  She not been to the LA Cafe for a month as last customer gave her £100 pounds in English money.  At first she not know how much it was worth, she thought he had not paid her enough until she cashed it up.  There is plenty of cheap Filipino pussy in the Manila Bay Cafe and downtown Malate. Tomorrow is another day.


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  1. Thanks for the new name (Manila Bay Café) update, though, I am sure for sometime the old LA Café name will still be used.
    Have very fond memories of the LA Café – Sorry Manila Bay Café 🙂 – from my old VISA Run Days from Thailand. Was the best, best bar in the whole of Manila in my opinion and I should imagine nothing has changed now several years later, in,
    Free lancers, some with Mamasans in tow in the downstairs part from just average looking girls to the down right ugly who wont take no for an answer once they latch on to you, and,
    Lighter skinned, and far more attractive girls in the upstairs part including local girls,Japanese and Korean, and,
    Beautiful young cock teasing waitresses.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mathew.
      Yes the Manila Bay ( formerly LA Cafe ) is one of the mongering wonders of the world. I not investigate upstairs that much, what I did see were much younger and more attractive girls
      But seemed much more asian oriented in there, Japanese and Korean
      I enjoyed Manila very much and will return to explore more. Malate Ermita is the best place to stay. Its possible to get freelancers out of the LA Cafe all night for 1500 pesos and for that they will do almost anything
      But you should not agree to their first quote usually 3000 pesos, they then start coming down

  2. Manila Bay Café is awesome; there are some very hot girls downstairs at times. The upstairs is a hit and miss situation, usually later on in the night there are more stunners up there but not always. Sometimes the upstairs is dead. You are going to have to pay 2000 pesos for the nicer girls, then possible throw them a tip if the performance was great. Once you’ve grabbed your girl a good place to go for a beer if you’re not ready to go back to the room is G Point. G Point has a band and more of a laid back atmosphere, some good talent there on occasion.

    1. Yes I was seriously contemplating a return to Manila on my second trip to asia this year. Manila is one place where you can still experience real raw mongering. I was thinking to take 3 girls out of the manila bay cafe back to a hotel a film them all sucking my cock 🙂 they would have done it too for 1500 pesos each.

      1. Hey, I am going to be there Nov 25 for 2 weeks. I am spending my first 4 nights in Manila, if your there then we will get together for a few beers and some mongering. I have been going yearly for the last 5 years. After Manila I am heading up to Angeles then over to Subic.

        1. Its unlikely I will be back in Manila this year now. But one day would like to return. Would be great if you could fill us in on your trip to the Philippines once you return. Have a great trip

  3. “Its mostly popular with Asians upstairs Japanese and Korean and the girls are alot younger and some only go with Asian men. But westerners are welcome. I feel a little uncomfortable upstairs, Im like the only western man and the girls look too young!”….Lol first they were too mature looking for you and then they looked too young. What do you mean by looking too young, Too young for your taste or looking like they are underage? You can always ask to see their ID if you are worried about that. Maybe you were just uncomfortable being the only westerner.

    1. It may have been the sudden contrast of the more mature women downstairs in the manila bay cafe. The girls looked underage upstairs, like under 18. But yes felt a little out of place upstairs. I think like anything you have to keep returning and make it your within your comfort zone. The Manila bay cafe is a legend in its own right and every serious monger deserves to give it a visit at least once in their lives

      1. Yes LA Cafe in Manila changed names a few years back to Manila Bay Cafe(or is it the other way round?), same format inside though, lots of Filipino freelancers inside 24/7 365 days a year, can get them for 1500 pesos

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