My Ethnic Girlfriend

One of the main reasons mongers love to travel, is because they love girls of different ethnicities.  Asia is a popular mongering destination for its lovely submissive friendly Asian girls and its culture.  Latin America is popular because of its curvy hot latinas, so what is your favourite ethnicity?

I mean long before racially diverse societies like we now have in the West, a blonde was attracted to someone with black hair, there is some ethnic diversity in this.

Asian girlfriends

Many a mongers favourite is Asian girls.  Asian girls can be very submissive in nature.   They are very feminine, have long black silky hair, usually very slim with tight bodies.

hairy asian pussy
Asian Pussy

I love hairy Asian pussy, I love Asian pussy but often they dont have curves, nice tits and ass although there certainly are exceptions especially in Indonesia.  Asia is the continent I have most visited including Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Ebony girlfriends

Ebony girls turn me on the most, black girls just have great asses, I guess I am an Ass man, I love to fuck doggy and slap those big black buttocks. There are alot of black girls in the UK and the west. Often they are very horny themselves and promiscuous. I have met some very sexy black girls mongering at home through mediums such as Craigslist. Black girls love to fuck, I can tell you.

amateur black girls
black booty

Man look at that black booty!  Its like anal sex has been used for contraception in Africa and sexual selection has made those fine asses develop. Its like you could fuck a black girl in the Ass and not fuck her in the Ass.   You can meet sexy African girls at home, in Latin America the Caribbean, all over the planet. I have fucked black girls in Thailand.  More recently I have visited Gambia in West Africa and intend to explore more of Africa.  If I am horny and want no strings sex, I lust for a sexy black babe.

Latina Girlfriends

Latina girls usually have the full package, great sultry looks, tanned skin, curves, great booty and tits.  For Europeans Latina girls are not so easy to get hold of, generally you are going to need to travel to Latin America and the Caribbean to get your hands on some fine Ass and Latino pussy.

naked latina girl
Latina pussy

Iv travelled to Cuba, Brazil, Costa Rica and the Dominican republic to get myself some Latina girls.  They are hot and can be a little hardcore and too pro like.  I dont think Iv ever had a latina with a natural hairy pussy, they are mostly fully shaved down below.  You may get the porn star experience as latina girls love to fuck but rarely the girlfriend experience.  Where there are latinas there are usually black and white girls nearby too, as well as alot of mixed race girls,  so usually you have alot of racial diversity to choose from.

Indian Girlfriends

Indian girls can be very sexy, Indian girls have the looks and the body, but Indian culture is just too conservative for me.  I would love to have a fuck fest with a load of hot sexy Indian girls but I would have to pay alot of money for that with some escort agency in London dealing exclusively with Indian girls.  Some Indian girls have broken the shackles of their culture and are sexually liberated, but they can be hard to find.

busty Indian whore
Indian girls

Look at those big firm Indian tits, man how I would love to fuck that Indian babe, those nipples are just huge, titty heaven.  India has the most prostitutes but must be the least travelled to country for sex tourism.  I have visited Goa in India but not find myself any Indian pussy.  I have fucked a few Indian girls in my time, at college and occasionally there has been a nice Indian girl working in a brothel.

European Girlfriends

White European girls can be some of the most beautiful you will lay your eyes on, many different eye and hair color combinations, many different body types from tall and elegant super model looks, to petite small and curvy. In Europe there is not so much a pickup bar scene with freelancers or working girls like you find in other parts of the world. To fuck white whores you are going to need to ring an escort agency or visit a brothel. Of course you can always try your luck in a nightclub on a friday night.

big white tits
European girls

She is one fine ass looking white European girl, fantastic big tits again. If you are into fucking European girls then I can highly recommend an FKK tour through Germany.  Some of the best looking white girls you will see come from all over Europe to work in the FKK clubs.  You can have an all day fuck fest in the FKK clubs.

So there you have your general Ethnic girlfriend categories.  Whats your favorite ethnic girlfriend?


13 thoughts on “My Ethnic Girlfriend”

  1. Hi Monger. I voted Asian as I love banging Thai chicks plus despite the despite the slow and gradual decline of the quality of mongering in LOS they are still the most available women in the world. I do however like big tits which is a bit of a bummer as Thai women most certainly are not blessed in that department. I was intrigued by your Jakarta reports as you said the women there are quite curvy. Sounds like the best of both worlds!

    1. Hi Gulf, as always thanks for your feedback on the poll and within the comments.
      My favourite girl is mixed race as they tend to blend the best, although for me mixed between white and black
      Yes Indonesian girls have the curves they are called the Latinas of Asia. Im not a big fan of Jakarta though.
      Although alot more expensive for curvy Indo girls Hong Kong Wan Chai is a good place to pick them up, the domestic hoes or maids

      Im going to expand the asian girls into Thai, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese etc so stay tuned

      1. Hi Monger. I remember reading your Jakarta reports and it sounded a blast. But now you are not so keen? I went to Jakarta 5 years ago and had an incredibly bad experience. To be honest I made every mistake in the book i.e. did no serious research, booked a hotel at the last minute which was in the arse end of no-where. To cut a long story short me and a mate spent a couple of hours wandering around trying unsuccessfully to find Blok M, gave up and went to the Hard Rock Café which was shit, got ripped off by various taxi drivers we hailed off the street (overpaid one guy by £18 on a £2 fare as we could not get our head round the currency conversion-the rate was 27 rupiah to the sterling pound back then). The next day we transferred our flights back to KL and booked a flight to Phuket. The overall impression I got of Jakarta was it was not particularly tourist friendly. While both my mate and I are fairly streetwise, during the one night we were there we did not feel particularly safe. (It didn’t help that we were the only westerners around and all the locals stared at us as if we were from another planet). You are obviously made of sterner stuff! Will look forward to your expanded Asian girls section.

        1. Thanks again Gulf.
          I had a blast once I had myself a girl, but overall I not like Jakarta itself. Man, I did lots of research before hitting Jakarta. I spent my time in Kota, where everything was at most a 5 minute walk away. Only after 4 or 5 days did I take a day out from Kota and travel down to Blok M. Its imperative places like Jakarta you thoroughly research. Its nothing like Phuket and Pattaya where you can just wander around from bar to bar, in fact that is often the best tactic for meeting girls, not Jakarta though, more a series of tactical operations, each day a different target. I knew it was safe, if you play low key. Once the locals know you know what the prices are, then you are just another fare not a jackpot. Lovely girls in Jakarta, but the city is a shit hole basically, too difficult to get around. But love the Indo girls, Will repost some of my Jakarta stories soon, just the best parts. If I was sent to Jakarta on business would be a happy chappy….

          1. Have heard many times white british men love black and mulatto women! Someone once told me that many Brits cheat on their wives with ebony women

        2. You have to be brave, if you want to travel everywhere. I have been in multiple situations where I am the only one, and everyone wants to know about me. I have been in a place with probably 650 locals…and me.

          I have had people want to touch my skin, touch my hair, take my photo,etc.,etc. I don’t mind, as long as I am not on a deadline to get somewhere….oh, and also, some girls have wanted to have my baby…no strings attached!!! Sometimes it is better to be different!!!

          I loved Jakarta…except for the horrendous traffic, and the taxi drivers with no GPS and clueless about your destination…even with an address.

          1. GI, sounds like you have some interesting stories to tell, what are some of your favourite places?

            You do have to be brave to travel, but often you can avoid any avoidable problems by research. Of course you can always be unlucky like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that can happen in your own backyard too. With risk comes reward. More dangerous places I would like to visit include Columbia and Burma maybe

  2. In the US, I love chinese girls. They are very strict, until you caress their pussy properly. Then they will fuck you like no other for as long as it takes. You can feel those tight pussy muscles when they cum. While traveling, Domincans are the best. They are naturally sexy, and beautiful as well. Some can be very businesslike, but if you take time to know one (and speak a little spanish), they become extreme. They will do anything (3somes, creampies, anal, etc.) and they LOVE it!

  3. This is a tough one, i can’t pick each group has their own flavor; but for mongering and sexual tourism i want my women to be asian and latina

  4. My favourite places are Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Amsterdam. My favourite US city is Portland, Oregon. In Canada I like Toronto and Vancouver the best.

    I don’t like Nairobi. Addis Abeba and Dar-Es-Salaam, Zanzibar and Kampala are better in East Africa. In West Africa, I have heard that Accra, The Gambia and Senegal/Dakar are the best. Johannesburg is VERY bad!

    I have not stayed overnight in Vietnam, but I am thinking about moving to Saigon. My brother visited Vietnam and said it was great. The current girl I want to marry is from Saigon. I have been to Bangkok three times, but not long enough to leave the hotel…BUMMER!

    Shanghai is good, but the air pollution is quite bad. I’ve heard that Taipei is very nice, and the girls there are good wife/LTR candidates…much better than mainland China.

    I have had US, Canadian, African (East and West), Indonesian and Vietnamese girlfriends. I like Asian the best. I am currently working on finding a girlfriend just for when I visit Hong Kong….most of the girls I’m talking to are Filipina. I was trying for a Chinese girlfriend, but it hasn’t worked out so far.

    1. Gi, Interesting, Im thinking about taking another month out, was considering Ethiopia addis ababa but more interested in Nosey Be Madagascar now. Good time of year. Vietnam and Burma would be different for me. Missed the Vietnam girls that are now nowhere to be found in Phnom Penh. Overdosed on Asian girls recently and miss those black booty. Latinas great yes, Dominican was good, but not so sure about this time of year there, possible storms and hurricanes.

      Its interesting you are looking for a girlfriend or wife? I assume you want to continue mongering too? The best of both worlds? I know I cannot commit to a single woman. Im too restless for that. It seems to me these relationships more come together for economic reasons rather than a natural attraction to each other. Not that it cannot work, but work hard at it I assume you must, else your better off alone and avoiding alot of trouble and cost

  5. My vote would go to the Latin ladies. I just love the skin tones, curves and passion they bring. I also don’t mind the occasional Asian either. Also, Native American (Navajo, Pueblo, Sioux, etc.) pussy is something to behold as well. Euro babes can get it as well. I’m dying to try an Indian babe also. No Africans for me unless they are from Moroccoan or Egyptian.

    1. Thanks for your comment Laydee Lover. I have some new latina posts coming soon relative to new trips reports out of South America, Colombia. Now Native American girls, that is unusual, where do you go to for some Native American Indian pussy? Indian girls are not so easy, you get the odd Indian girl who is a bit wild and likes to fuck around. And I would say Moroccan women are some of the most sexy on this planet. Black girls are the most easy to get hold of for me and the most promiscuous. Lucky for me I love to fuck black girls, I often look at ebony girl porn when I am horny.

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