Honey, Send me some money

After my beach massage, that evening my Gambian waitress girlfriend comes to Sarjes hotel with two local African guys selling smart mobile phones.  They have about 6 sample smart phones with them and of course my girlfriend wants the most expensive one…

I choose a Samsung 3 phone for her but they want alot more than 2500 Dalasi, they tell me they are genuine phones, not copies.  I could only bring them down from 6000 dalasi to 4000 dalasi.  Deal done, she thanks me and takes ownership of her new smart phone.   And when you got a girlfriend you dont pay for it?  Its funny cause she takes it out with her that night, even though not setup or charged, like a status symbol to the other girls,  Iv got a smart phone…

My last night in Gambia, we have a lovely evening together in the Love2 restaurant along the Senegambia, very romantic.  Back at Sarjes hotel we have some good sex for the last time.

As she is about to leave I give her another present, a £50 note, her eyes pop out of her head almost, thats equivalent to a months wages working in the bar as a waitress.  I was feeling generous.  Overall spending the week with her I had spent less money, rather than having a different bar girl each night.

Its been a long time since I done the girlfriend thing on one of my sex vacations, but enjoyed it, a more meaningful experience, after all you are getting close to someone and sharing time.  The problem is when your back home, in contact and it lingers on….

Is so easy to stay in contact with your exotic girlfriends these days and costs nothing with Skype and mobile phone chat apps like WhatsApp and Talkray.   While home I wondering when she will ask me to send her some money.  Some of the veterans staying in Sarjes hotel warned me the only thing any of these girls are really interested in is money.  Could this be true for my cute sweet waitress girlfriend too?

A few weeks back and she tells me she is pregnant, that she had missed her period and the doctor had done some tests and confirmed she was pregnant.  I believed her,  but not tell anyone.  If it was true the baby would be due around Christmas time, maybe it would be born Christmas day?  A new Jesus, the son of mongering.

I was cool about it, I could go about my life here, and hers there, it would not become a real issue for her for at least another 6 months.  By then she would have a big belly and I would know it to be true.  The only issue after that would be proving it was mine.  I would return when the baby was due and spend a month with her and of course I would then always support her.   But for now could keep her at a distance as I would always have to return home to work.  So that was the plan, but I still had my doubts, that it might just be some sort of scam.

pregnancy scam
Pregnancy pills

She not eat much and send me pics of pregnancy pills the doctor recommends she supplement her meals with.  All very convincing.  To be honest I guess I was quite keen on the idea, but to have a child with a girl you have only been with after one week was concerning for me.  Girls are generally alot more weary as its them carrying the baby, that have to give birth and take care of the child for the next 18 years at least.  Especially in Africa, as there is little social support outside of the family unit.

black booty
African booty

Figure still looking good though, early days, she sends me plenty of pics of what I am really missing, that fine firm black African booty.  I then receive the following picture, like somehow it was confirmation of her pregnancy

pregnancy scam
Pregnant or not

Then the crunch comes,  she wants to goto Senegal for the weekend with her girlfriends who also worked down the Senegambia, she wants to go and fills left out.  Will I send her some money?  I ask how her girlfriends can afford it, but she cant?  They have foreign boyfriends who send them money.

western union

With all those western union kiosks dotted along the senegambia I always suspected a lot of money was being sent to the local girls and boys.  I tell her I am not sending her any money.  She is OK with that, she understands and continues talking to me.

About a week later I tell her to check with another doctor if she is really pregnant.  I am giving her an escape path while remaining integral.  She can blame it on the first doctor.  Sure enough it comes back negative now and her period was just late this month.

gambian girlfriend
sexy black body

Well that was a game changer for me.  She is one of the sweetest girls you are likely to meet down the Senegambia.  If she is playing the pregnancy scam with tourists she chooses, god only knows what the other girls are up to.  This is the problem with paying a girl to stay rather than go.  I always suspected she was just after a sponsor.

There are a lot of older guys and grannies in the Gambia on their pension taking their first sex vacation, they must be lambs to the slaughter to these girls and boys.  Beware.

Im still in contact with her, she still tells me she loves me and thinks I am coming back to the Gambia for 1 month in an apartment to be exclusively with her.  Still very lucrative for her based on my generosity she has experienced.  I want to return to the Gambia, some very pretty young sexy black girls to be had.  But wary of doing the girlfriend thing again, I would likely bump into her there, the Senegambia is a small place.








4 thoughts on “Honey, Send me some money”

  1. not to dissrespect but the last thing I would do is to have a kid with a girl working on that business, I would tell her to abbort the baby! Who would want his kid to be the son of a whore?

    1. I agree, to have a kid with a whore is the same as to marry a whore, a oxymoron. The subtle difference here is she is what we call ‘borderline’
      She works full time as a waitress and does a little moonlighting with tourists on the side, she chooses the ones she likes. She is around girls who are earning in a day what she makes in a month, so hence she is stepping over
      But a girl like this you could easily save if you wanted. Believe me, been there, done that, I know the difference.
      Iv got a similar girl on the go in Thailand, office worker, but does a little moonlighting too, another borderline case

  2. I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for this set of trip reports to the Gambia. I like African girl’s figures but ‘scratched that itch’ via the Dominican Republic as it’s on my side of the pond (but still expensive to get to). I had often thought about mongering in Africa but had been put off by a (very) bad experience in Cape Town. This was prior to Nelson getting out of Robbin Island. So, I am impressed by the fact you were there (on your own) and forgot to use a condom. I have only done that once, in VietNam but as I had the ‘snip’ many years ago, I wasn’t worried about leaving a memory, more concerned about taking a souvenir home. That latter point (souvenir) is the reason why I was giving Africa a miss. It’s the whole HIV/AIDS thing, but I have to say, you may have changed my mind. A bit like yourself, I like the whole GFE, just as long as it doesn’t go on too long! But, you seem to have been spoilt for choice in terms of waitress phone numbers, but as you say, the ‘bar girl network’ means you are not going to use too many of those! The beach massage girl looks a bit too skinny (from behind) for my taste but who is to say! On the whole, would you go back to Gambia? Looks like good value for money. Usually when I go to Singapore or India (often for work) I will go USA to LHR then LHR to destination. It would be easy to break the journey on the way back and detour to somewhere like Gambia before the LHR to USA leg back home. Again, thanks. I enjoyed the read.

    1. Thanks Scruf. Yes I would definitely go back to Gambia and am planning to. I was hoping to return this season, but in a contract now so earning good money for now.
      You are spoilt for choice if you like curvy african girls. I am currently reading you can get long time for £10, best place being the Victoria pub around midnight being prime time which is a bit late for me
      But plenty of other options. You need to negotiate the girls will try for a higher price.
      Africa has always been more scary due to disease and political violence and criminals, but the Gambia was safe enough, book an apartment seems to be the way to go. Its what I will do next time I visit Gambia was planning on staying a month.

      AIDS/HIV is scary and you should always wear a condom then you have nothing to worry about. Going bareback is playing Russian roulette. I do believe though it is not as widespread as some moralists would like us to believe.
      Moralists see the scare of contracting HIV as a way of trying to curb prostitution, sex tourism etc. I would not intend to go bareback again, but could not resist her black wet natural pussy in front of me. She wanted me to fuck her bareback, like she wanted a baby. But it may have been a setup to later fleece me with the pregnant scam, the long con game

      I would say if you like African girls then Gambia could be your best bet in Africa, if you want some safety.

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