Dali, Soi 33, No Power

Its my last day in Bangkok before heading to Manila in the Philippines.  Iv done a few places in Bangkok this trip that I wanted to do, a night out in Patpong, the sideliners of Nataree.  Tonight I wanted to re experience the hostess bars down soi 33.

Soi 33 is alot quieter P4P area than other areas off the Sukhumvit, a bit more up-scale and more expensive in terms of bar fines.  I guess it was designed to not appeal to the rowdy drunk cheap charlie types.

Although in decline it mostly consists of hostess bars with an artistic theme like Monet, Dali etc.   The girls dress very smart in evening dresses.  But be aware a girl working one week in a beer bar dressed in jeans and t-shirt can be working in a soi 33 hostess bar the following week in a long dress. Those tattoos are a dead give-away.

Iv some fond memories down soi 33 in years gone by.  It was in Christies in 2002 that I met a girl I fell in love with and then spent the next 4 years going to Thailand to be with her.  Christies is long gone and its now called Velvet.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentIntel from a thread I was running on the World Sex Guide told me that Dali had some nice girls inside.  So I would give Dali and a few other bars down soi 33 besides a go tonight.  With the heat and 4 nights mongering in Bangkok, I was now running on empty, going through the motions, lights were on but no one was home.

The hostess bars down soi 33 start opening around 4pm, but most girls are there around 7pm and the bars stay open until the early hours of the morning like 3AM.  It was still quite early and I decided a massage might be a good way to try and recharge my batteries.  I see a nice girl working outside a massage shop down the Sukhumvit and take her upstairs for an oily massage.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentThe massage was good, the girl was fit, she wanted to offer extras, handjob but I not want to cum this way.  I was saving myself for Dali down soi 33.  Aware that I was not feeling a 100%.  I was hoping the massage may be enough to just get me feeling horny, get the blood flowing to the right places.

Its dark now and I make it to soi 33.  I make my way to Dali which has now combined with Monet.  Monet used to be its own bar on the other side of the road.  A sign that times are hard for soi 33, its days may be numbered.

soi 33 hostess bars
Soi 33 Bangkok

I head into Dali and there at least a dozen girls working.  Well, I am not disappointed there is a really cute girl working behind the bar.  I order a drink and make myself comfortable propped up against the bar.  For the girl to join you, you have to buy her a lady drink which are not cheap either down soi 33.

She was beautiful, the best looking girl I had seen so far in Bangkok, aged 20, could see no children.  Lovely thick black eyebrows, I could only imagine she had a lovely hairy pussy under that evening dress.  I love Thai hairy pussy, its a real turn on for me.

Thai teen hairy pussy
Hairy Thai pussy

The tattoos though for me are a real turn off.  This girl was clean, no tattoos.  I dont know how politely to ask a girl, if she has a natural hairy pussy?  In the Nana Gogos.  I just put my hand down their bikini bottoms, but in the hostess bars of soi 33 this sort of behaviour is not encouraged.

The barfine in Dali was 1400, the girl wanted 2000 baht for short time.  I realise even though the girl was beautiful, I not horny enough to part with all that money only to get back to the hotel with her and have no power.  Mr Floppy, brewers droop.  I was in two minds what to do. I really needed a rest for a day or two.

Its situations like these, that many a monger turns to Cialis and Viagra.  I have tried Viagra once or twice before and there is no problem getting an erection but you are creating a dependency. I just feel if things are right then I dont need any artificial help, but I may be changing my mind.  You dont want to be parting with 3000 – 4000 baht if you fear you may have no power.  Mongers need to take a rest from having sex every day, just like you need to take a rest from drinking too much alcohol.

I left it, and felt I had unfinished business in Bangkok.  I tried a few more hostess bars down soi 33, but the best looking thai girls were working in Dali.


2 thoughts on “Dali, Soi 33, No Power”

  1. 1400 bar-fine!!! Bloody hell. That would certainly keep the Cheap Charlie’s away. I take it the clientele at that joint were predominantly Japanese a la Thermae.

    1. Soi 33 does have quite a few Japanese only bars. But the hostess bars are predominantly for western clients expats, asians are welcome. Its always been a high bar fine even in its heydey
      I saw few other people in the bars, the P4P scene down soi 33 is shrinking, not sure thats due to the barfine. But it makes a change from the Gogos and often you can find a very pretty Thai girl working down soi 33 who maybe would never work in a beer bar or Gogo. She may be so good, you decide to cough up the high bar fine. Worth taking a look anyway, it may be gone in a few years

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