Sukhumvit massage

One thing I love about Bangkok is all the massage shops on and off the Sukhumvit road.  If your feeling tired or need to kill an hour or two you can usually lay back and have a full body massage usually with extras if your feeling horny.

The Sukhumvit road is Bangkok’s most concentrated red light district. You have the Nana plaza along soi 4, soi cowboy off soi 19 and there must be a 100 massage shops in between. The majority of massage shops you will find down the soi’s off the Sukhumvit road from soi 1 down to soi 33. Prices for a massage can range from 200 to 400 baht for one hour. The majority offer oil or Thai massage and 4 hands massage.

massage girls
Bangkok massage

There are Thai girls sat outside each massage shop trying to tempt you in when you walk pass.  Most are fuglies and the quality seems to be getting worse.  Its like the best looking girls at the top of the pecking order have left the game altogether and the massage girls of yesteryear are now working as gogo dancers.  There are now vacancies at the bottom of the chain and any Thai granny can fill it.  I recommend if you are just tired, need to kill some time, then a foot massage may be the best option.

As always if you hunt and pound the sois off the Sukhumvit you may find a gem or two.  Beware though sometimes they switch girls inside.  Make sure you choose the girl you want to give you a massage and she is not to be switched inside.   Often the rooms you are massaged in can be grubby, just a mattress on the floor with a pillow that hundreds of other sweaty heads have laid upon.  be sure to request a fresh towel.

massage girls
Sukhumvit massage

The service you get can vary from very good to very poor.  If you really want a good massage, you have no way of knowing.   Generally I find the fatter the girl, the more lazy and the less of a good massage you will get.  Try to choose a fitter looking girl as she will see the massage as good exercise.

To begin you lay face down and she may or may not remove the towel over your buttocks.  She will massage your buttocks and inside your uppers legs.  She may brush her fingers against your balls or push them slightly in your anus.  Some girls will go straight for your balls only because they want to make extra money, in this situation usually the massage will be crap.

Its quite erotic laying there naked with a woman massaging you all over.    When you turn over, your likely have a semi or full erection and she will touch it and ask you if you want handjob. A handjob typically costs 500 baht.

thai girl blowjob

Some girls will also offer blowjob and some girls will not provide extras at all.  Many girls will ask for more money but few are going to refuse making an easy 500 baht, you may be able to get them lower, but she may not give as good service.

These massage shops  described are different from the soapy massage parlours you will also find around Bangkok.  There are now a high concentration of massage shops down soi 22 and soi 24.  But in alot of these massage shops they are offering full sexual services.

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