Balcony, Copacabana, Brazil

With the football world cup 2014 in full swing in Brazil, it brings back a lot of memories for me when I went mongering in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro back in 2010.  Exactly 4 years ago as the world cup 2010 was in full swing then and I watch Brazils first game against North Korea in the Balcony bar along Copacabana beach.

In 2010 procedures were already in motion to start cleaning up Rio De Janeiro prostitution scene in preparation of it hosting some major sporting events.  Unfortunately I missed the infamous Help disco.

Help disco closed
Help location

The P4P scene had mostly moved onto the Balcony bar up the Leme end of Copacabana,  The Termas scene around Rio was still in full swing and as of yet had not been hit by the crackdown although prices were rising, RIo was no longer a cheap sex destination with beautiful women.

Balcony Rio
Balcony Copacabana

The balcony bar is mostly frequented by tourists and freelancers.  Whenever I visited the Balcony usually within a few minutes I was striking up a deal with some garotas or two or three.

My first night in the Balcony and I have a threesome with two garotas in a nearby love motel.

balcony girl
balcony threesome

A couple of days later I wander back into the Balcony in the daytime which is mostly empty until the evening.  But within a few minutes I meet a lovely black girl with fantastic black Bundas who wants a good fucking in the same love motel.

black girl balcony
black bundas

In between meeting garotas in the Balcony I was also having some great sexual experiences in the Termas like Luomo, Monte Carlo and Termas 4×4.  Generally the quality of the girls in the Termas was better than in the Balcony and you more likely get the Porn star experience.  Alot of the girls in the Balcony look busted, drug addicts but you not need to dig deep or long to find a few gems.

Another thing I like about Brazil is the racial diversity, you have Latinas, ebony girls, whites girls and everything in between or Blatinos.

Im walking past the Balcony bar one night on my way to Mabs and someone is calling out my name, its one of the girls from the threesome on my first night.  She introduces me to her friend and I Iike her and its back to my hotel for some Tudos La Noche or long time, all night.  What a great girl, she loved being fucked doggy over the bed, and wanted me to slap her great latino ass.

copacabana latina
latina balcony

One evening in Copacabana and I try the sex clubs or Boites as they are called, places like Barbarellas and Sensoo.  It was entertaining but I not find a girl I like and find myself heading back to the Balcony bar around midnight to check out the scene around this time.

Its not long and I have 3 girls all over me, they want a foursome, price dropped to 100 Riel.  One even dropped her panties and was showing me her pussy, they were desperate for a deal. One of them was quite cute, a Blatino, and decided to take her back to my hotel for some more Tudos La Noche.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentAnd so the fun continued at the Balcony bar and around Copacabana.

The day  had arrived when Brazil played their first match in the 2010 world cup being hosted in South Africa.  I decided I would watch the match in the Balcony bar and got their early to get a good seat at the bar.  Within a few minutes before the match started a cute garota sits beside me.
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At first I thought she might just be a Brazilian tourist in the bar to watch the match, but later it transpires she is up for some P4P.  So after the match, it is back to my hotel where the entertainment continues.

A great time had in Rio back in 2010. Writing this up and I want to return, but things have changed. The authorities continued their crackdown and closed down some Termas.  They not want the world spotlight on the operation of these places.  Prostitution is legal in Brazil, but someone else is not allowed to make a profit out of it.

rio de janeiro
rio favela

I would like to return to Brazil one day but Rio is also set to host the 2016 Olympics so expect crackdowns to continue.  Maybe around 2018 we may see the Help disco re-open.  🙂  Its a shame we still try so hard to present a squeaky clean image when the reality is far different. Lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel.

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  1. Did you visit Vila Mimosa? From what I’ve read it’s supposed to be cheaper there. I wonder if safety is an issue for foreigners.

    1. No I not get to visit Vila Mimosa, I know its the cheap end of mongering in Rio. I meant to visit but not get round to it. To busy in the Balcony and visiting the many Termas at the time
      Would like to return to Brazil, but dont think I will until after the Olympic games

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