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After more than 10 years mongering in Bangkok, it was only last year that I took my first visit down the Ratchadaphisek Road  AKA Ratchada and had a session in the Poseidon.   Tonight I would return to the Ratchadaphisek Road, but this time the Nataree was my target.


The Ratchada is another red light district of Bangkok but more dedicated to the concept of a Soapy Massage.  A Soapy Massage is more popular with Asian clientèle.

bangkok soapy massage

Generally in a massage parlour you pick a girl out from a well lit fishbowl, you pay your fees up front and the girl takes you too a room upstairs. Usually you receive a massage, a bath and then full sex.

A soapy massage is not a bad experience or method.  In an instant you get to look at scores of girls rather than having to trawl a dozen gogos or beer bars.  The cost and what to expect from the girl are pretty constant.  Again taking a girl out of a gogo or beer bar, does not always go the way you hoped.

Nataree Sideliners

To get the to the soapy massage parlours of Ratchadaphisek Road from the Sukhumvit you take the MRT from Asoke to Huay Khwang taking exit 3.

Soapy massage bangkok
Ratchadaphisek Road

The Nataree is the pink buiding above.  I had heard or should I say read some good things about the Nataree. More precisely it has lots of sideliner girls.  A sideliner girl is one who basically sits around the sidelines in the area that the punters sit, have a drink and view the girls in the fishbowl.  Why a girl is a sideliner rather than sat in the fishbowl, I dont know, but you have to pay the same prices for the girls and get the same service.

The price of girls can range from 2000 baht to 5000.  The girls at the upper range are young, generally pretty slim, firm and have had no children.  And so  I make my way to the Nataree.

bangkok soapy massage

There are two entrances into the Nataree and I enter the first.  In the first entrance to the Nataree, there is only a fishbowl and no sideliner girls.  There are about 20  Thai girls in the fishbowl but none outstanding.  I am starting to think I have been fed misinformation, I am here at the right time between 6 and 7pm.  I then notice the second entrance of the Nataree and walk through.

Wow, there are sideliner girls everywhere and another fishbowl.  There must have been over a 100 sideliner girls and good 30 sitting in the fishbowl.  I purchase a beer and walk around looking up close at the sideliner girls of the Nataree.  Its a spectacle to behold for sure, something I have not experienced before.  There are at least a dozen doable girls in the crowd.  Again the price varies depending on their age, figure and looks.

I choose a girl who is doing it for me in the figure and looks department, her price is 2600 which you pay to reception.  The time you get with the girls is also fixed around 90 minutes and that is well long enough for me, Im usually done by then but you can make sure you get your moneys worth from a massage and a bath.

The rooms in the Nataree, are large, basic and very clean.  Some of the other soapy massage parlours are much more posh and the rooms are luxurious but this is not important to me as long as the rooms are big enough and clean.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentShe pours a bath and we get undressed and have a little kiss and cuddle.  She starts off giving me a massage on the bed, im just going with the flow, I turn over and she licks my balls and then puts a condom on my cock before sucking it.  I not push her for BBBJ I more wanted to fuck her anyway, she had a nice Thai hairy pussy.

She gives me a nice bath, its nice and warm and very relaxing having a pretty naked Thai girl washing you down with hot soapy lather.  We then make it to the bed and I give her a good old fashioned fucking.  Job done, we get dressed and make our way back down to the reception area.  Timing is important at the Nataree as around 90 minutes later more than half the girls are gone now, so it gets really busy at certain times of the day.

massage Nataree
Nataree Ratchada

Good experience in the Nataree, went pretty much like clockwork, some pretty girls to choose from.  I recommend a visit down the Ratchadaphisek Road and into the Nataree if only to see all the sideliner thai girls.


4 thoughts on “Nataree Massage, Bangkok”

  1. You should’ve asked for a BBBJ man! I do not like covered BJ at all, it would be like eating a bananna with the peel on…

    1. Thanks namiji, thats why I chose her, I liked her too, quite rare for the girls to let you take pictures of them inside a soapy massage
      I recommend a visit to Nataree, there were better looking girls than her, but more expensive, she was a good compromise all things considered

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