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On my last trip to Bangkok I only really ventured inside the Nana Plaza, soi cowboy, Ratchada and soi 22.  This trip to Thailand I wanted to stay in Bangkok a few more nights and have a night out down soi 33 and also Patpong and sample whats on offer there.

If you are staying along the Sukhumvit road then the best way to get to Patpong is via the skytrain alighting at Sala Daeng for around 30 baht single trip.

Nana skytrain
Bangkok skytrain

In the heat and humidity its quite an effort walking up all the stairs to get on the skytrain, but better than spending an hour in the back of a taxi or Tuk Tuk in the Bangkok traffic, especially early evening or during rush hour, to be avoided.

So I make it to Patpong, early evening, not too much has changed, the night market was in full swing, selling the usual souvenir junk.  The touts trying to tempt you to the upstairs clubs with pussy tricks with ping pong balls falls on deaf ears.  I have never been in one of these upstair clubs in Patpong, generally they are clip joints where you will be ripped off.  They prey on first time tourists who are non the wiser.

super pussy patpong

The main red light district of Patpong is along Patpong soi 1 and Patpong soi 2 tucked between Silom Road and Surawongse road.  Patpong is probably Bangkoks oldest and most famous red light district.  I think that super pussy sign goes back to the good old days?

Its still quite early and I start the evening off relaxing with a fantastic foot massage along Silom road for 300 baht, in which I fall asleep and recharge a little before heading into Patpong proper to experience its night life once again.

I then have a few beers in a beer bar opposite star of light.  Star of light is one of Bangkoks and Patpongs most well know blow job bars.  The girls sit outside, but I have never been impressed with the selection and tonight was no exception.

bangkok blowjob bar

star of light

Patpong can look pretty rough, there was a cat sat on those stairs staring at me, one eye, looking like he carried a switch blade, I wanted snap a pic of him, but he scarpered.

Another well known Patpong blowjob bar is the Kagaroo club.  I have had a good blowjob before in the Kangaroo club by two thai girls on a previous trip, but gave it a miss tonight, after my experience in the Kasalong, it would be hard to compete.

bangkok kangaroo club
Kangaroo club

No I just wanted to experience the gogo clubs and see the talent available in Patpong today.  So I do a gogo crawl around some of the Patpong clubs, electric blue and Bada Bing being a couple of the current popular clubs.  A few girls not bad, but nothing was really calling out to me.

patpong gogo
Electric blue Gogo

The Kings group of Gogos in Patpong has always been a front runner and used to have the best girls, even 10-15 years ago the super stars girls in Patpong could charge 5000 baht, some Japanese sex tourists would pay these prices for the girls of their dreams.

So in the dark a nice girl pulls me inside a gogo and I sit down facing the stage and then realise I am surrounded by all ladyboys.  Its a ladyboy Gogo.  And they are all looking at me, doing their ladyboy gesture, wanting to sit with me.  Shit, I am the only customer in the gogo and I am trying hard not to laugh.

Thai Ladyboy

Too some the Kings castle in Patpong may be considered ladyboy heaven. You don’t know if they are pre or post op until its too late. Those Thai surgeons are getting a lot better,  for a few ladyboys it was really hard to tell the difference.  On my last visit to Bangkok I was chatting with an expat down soi cowboy and he pointed out the best looking girl I had seen all night was in fact a ladyboy.  He also told me most expats and regular visitors to Bangkok and tried a ladyboy at least once.

I had had my fill of Patpong for one night, I took a Tuk Tuk back to the Nana.  The Nana is still my favorite place for a Gogo crawl in Bangkok.


4 thoughts on “Patpong Bangkok”

  1. I like how the Star of Light is at a street corner and you gotta go down the stairs, makes it discreet to get a blow job. I have never been to Bangkok, is it possible to get a fuck at a blow job bar and bar fine them? I believe you would have to pay a lot more…

    1. Anything is possible in Bangkok,especially with money. But generally you goto a blowjob bar for a blowjob, on the premise. If you want a fuck there are plenty of other options for doing that and taking girls back into the comfort of your hotel room. Sometimes these on premise short time rooms can be really grubby. Those 3 girls in Kasalong I would have fucked as well, but thats rare alot of blowjob girls are pretty rough looking

  2. Really have some of the most beautiful Ladyboys, or at least thats what I heard, looking forward to vist a few soon.

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