Nana Gogo Girl

I am in a Nana Plaza Gogo, a bit worse for wear, a cute Thai Gogo girl is sat beside me and I buy her a lady drink. I thought she was cute in the dark and with the beer goggles firmly fixed. Am considering bar fining her but there is always one final deciding factor for me and its not always visible.

I slide my hand into her bikini bottoms and feel a nice natural hairy Thai pussy. Love hairy pussy, not a jungle, but Thai pussy is often nice, I love Thai pussy, the hair is dark of the right thickness density, right length and seems to stop growing at the sides, just a lovely neat dark triangle. I could feel her Thai pussy but not see it, not yet, would have to barfine her and take her back to my hotel.

The Nana has alot of ladyboys now, more than ever, some Gogos are ladyboy only.  Often there will be ladyboys mixed in with the real Thai girls on stage and the surgeons must be getting better.  Some of them are really getting hard to tell, especially with the beer goggles on.  Another good reason to slide your hand down their panties, if only to check they are at least post op 🙂

She agree to barfine, 3000 baht long time, seemed like a reasonable deal.  I knew I was a bit drunk and would find it hard to cum, often I have a good fuck in this state, but cannot cum.  Then I fall asleep for an hour or two, awake, and then I am trying hard not to cum.  So we struck a deal, paid for my drinks and the barfine of 600 baht.  The girl leaves to go and get changed then returns.

We leave the gogo together and walk down soi 4 to my hotel the Nana Ibis.  The Ibis Nana is girl friendly but your Thai girl has to register.  No problem with age, she was in her early twenties.  Up to my room and then she wants to turn long time into short time.  Bit of a trick if you ask me, but I agree to 2000 baht short time.  Often what the girl tells you in the bar is not what she does back in your hotel room.
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We get down to business, the first ritual is you both take a shower, usually alone but sometimes together, if this turns you on.  We get on the bed,  and I spread her legs and her Hairy Thai Pussy is just fucking perfect.  The sight of that hairy Thai pussy just gives me a full erection.  Asian pussy is so often perfectly formed, often the pubic hair grows perfectly too.  We fuck and fuck but like I knew I could not cum and I fall asleep.  She wakes me up and wants to go.  I let her go and pay up.  Best not to create a scene, it was my problem not hers.

But be aware of this trick turning a long time into a short time back at the hotel.  I had jet lag and needed to sleep alone anyway, there was always another day and night in Bangkok to improve my game.

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