Nana Plaza Gogo Crawl

And so I am set to do my Nana Plaza Gogo crawl looking for that elusive Thai girl who ticks most of the right boxes.  One good thing about the Gogos is even though its dark you get to have a good look at the girls body and most dance in front of you scantily clad, most are in bikinis, some topless, sometimes totally naked.

Alot of the gogos in the Nana are under new names but some are still going.  The Rainbow group is still going strong up to Rainbow 4.bangkok nana rainbow 4
The Rainbow group tends to employ some of the prettiest girls and is popular with Asian visitors especially Japanese, but western men are more than welcome. I dont think its possible to go in every gogo on a nana gogo bar crawl in one night. Sometimes I wonder if they spike the drinks. After 4 or 5 I seem to feel really pissed. One Gogo that has been there since I remember is Spankys but never ventured inside untill tonight.

Bangkok Spankys
Spankys Gogo Nana

Inside Spankys lots of girls and lots of customers inside, its doing well. They give you a soft club that you can spank the girls ass with, its fun.  Seems there is alot less fuglies working in the Gogos in the Nana, most of the girls were slim and not bad looking.  Tattoos are popular with Thai girls but this for me does not tick any of my boxes.

Nana Plaza Madarin
Madarin gogo

The Madarin Gogo tucked away in the corner is another Gogo that has been going since my first trip to Thailand.  I took a look inside the Madarin and the decor is the same since 2002.  Some of the girls were nice though and I buy one a lady drink.  I chat with her for a while and am considering bar fining her.  She is 19 yo and looks like a younger version of my Thai girlfriend from many years ago now.  Same face, same sweet smile.  She has to return to the stage to dance but will come back.

I decide to leave and try a few more Gogos.  The Hillside and Mercury were really popular a year or so ago, but were almost empty now.  Funny how trends can change so quickly.  Like I said those beers really start to hit me and eventually I meet a girl I like and decide to barfine her, I cant even remember the Gogo I barfine her from….

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