Bangkok Nana Hostess

My first night back in Bangkok and my base is the Ibis Nana tucked down soi 4 for under £20 a night, but with no swimming pool.  In this heat its like walking around in a sauna, I recommend paying a bit more and taking  a hotel with a pool, to relax by during the day.

Flew into Bangkok with Eva Air from Heathrow, was a night flight departing 9:30pm, after dinner and a few drinks I just slept through most it, went really quick, no problems through customs or baggage reclaim. Then a metered taxi for 350 baht excluding toll charges.

Always take my time to unpack and then freshen up with a shower and clean cloths. Then took a walk down the Sukhumvit road checking out some of the Bangkok blowjob bars down soi 8, soi 10 and soi 14.

Took an hour oil massage with an petite attractive Thai woman aged 30 in Cozy massage down soi 10 for 300 baht. She wanted to give me a handjob for 1000 baht but declined, usually you can get a handjob with your massage for 500 baht, but cant blame the girls for trying their luck.

Then into the Nana entertainment complex, love this place, always draws me back, its had a complete face lift since I was last in Bangkok, some new kids on the block too.  My first Gogo I enter is the Spellbound on the ground floor.

Nana plaza Spellbound
Spellbound Gogo

Was a lovely hostess working as a greeter outside the Spellbound. Its a tactic of these establishments to put the most attractive girls on the door as greeters, without thinking you assume she represents the girls working inside. Often the greeters and hostess girls are also available for bar fining. As I walk into the Nana, I ask her to come and sit with me, which she does. Drinks in the Nana will set you back around 150 baht, I buy the hostess a lady drink and we chat.

She is gorgeous, even though its my first night in Bangkok, my first Gogo in the Nana I know I wont find a more attractive Thai girl tonight for sex.  But she tell me not available for bar fine, only work as hostess.  But she enquire how much would I pay her?  So she was available and I could tell she was interested.

She not mind me touching her and whispering disgusting inuendos into her little ears.  Mamasan tell me, very expensive.  barfine would be at least 1000 baht, I offer her 2000 baht short time, but she laugh, not interested.  Obviously other two week millionaires in Bangkok on a sex vacation have been offering her a lot more.  There is just something about these clean innocent looking student girls, you just want to fuck and corrupt them.  But 2000 baht is my limit for a short time fuck in Bangkok, even for a gorgeous hostess girl.  I had the rest of the Nana gogos to explore, the night was mine…

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Nana Hostess”

  1. Interesting article on the Nana Hostess, she was definately a hustler, 2000 baht short time fuck, that is 45 euros. Redlights districts in Bangkok are a ”hit and a miss” you either get lucky or settle for whatever is left for the night. how does short time and long time fuck work in Thailand? Short time till you cum and long time all night?

    1. Basically yes, but you would be lucky to get long time these days in Thailand. The problem is veteran mongers of Bangkok and Pattaya keep remembering the way it was and keep going back hoping for some of that old magic. Its getting very first world oriented there now. The girls have many options available to them today. Its rapidly changing, some bar managers doubt places like the Nana will still be there in 10 years time. Generally short time is until you cum, if you dont cum within an hour then she will get impatient. She may agree to long time in the bar and then turn it into short time back at the hotel. What they say they will do in the bar is not often what happens back in the hotel room. Im currently in Manila and genuine long time is alive and kicking here, these girls will stay with you until you kick them out, it is probably Bangkok 30 years ago

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