Bangkok Nana Plaza

The Nana Plaza is still alive and kicking in the heart of Bangkok’s seedy night life area.  The Nana entertainment plaza or NEP is a short walk down soi 4 or Nana and opposite the Nana Hotel.  Soi 4 has scores of beer bars, pubs and restaurants, there are  Thai girls everywhere, all available but most fugly.

The Nana and soi 4 is one of Bangkoks premier red light districts, the other main areas being soi cowboy and patpong.  Most tourists not mongers get to see Patpong but the naughty boy area is really down the Sukhumvit road from soi 3 down to soi 33.

Nana Plaza

The NEP is 3 floors of gogo clubs, mostly dominated by the Rainbow group having four clubs, other popular gogos in the Nana are Hillside, Mercury, Spellbound, Spankys and Angelwitch, all worth a look inside.

Nana Plaza

Things are changing in Bangkok, slowly but surely, economic fortunes are changing and plots of land down the Sukhumvit can now command sky high rents.  Its hard to make a profit running a gogo club in the NEP these days, one complete section of the top floor is now up for rent!  Never seen this before.

I first visited the Nana Plaza back in 2002.  I only recognise one Gogo back from then on my recent trip to Bangkok, the Madarin. Generally the quality of the gogo girls are better than you will find in the beer bars down soi 4.

Nana Plaza Madarin
Madarin gogo

Not all the pretty girls you see on stage doing the Bangkok shuffle are available though, many gogos these days are having to resort to hiring agency girls or coyote dancers.  Seems taking a girl long time for 2000 baht is long gone.  GIrls want a minimum of 2000 baht short time and barfines are 600-700 baht.   Drinks, a bottle of beer is around the 150 baht mark.  Most nights some of the gogos are doing a promotion or happy hour.

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