Beach Massage

Its drawing close to when I will be leaving Gambia now, I am tempted to stay for another week or two considering I am on gardening leave now.   I could check out of Sarjes and check in to one of the Sengambia apartments and my girlfriend could stay with me.  But I will stick to my original plan, lots to sort out back home, least of all a potential year out mongering in SEA.

After my usual morning walk along Kololi beach, breakfast in Sarjes I stop in a restaurant down the senegambia to have a cooked English breakfast.

cooked breakfast
English breakfast

Not bad, have tried a few places but the Glastonbury does the best English breakfast, there is a bar next door that seems popular with the British cheap charlies.  I avoid it, must be cheap and bargain bucket.

I go and say hello to my honey bunny and will meet her tonight and then take a walk back down to the beach.  Im heading for those massage girls I met the other day when I had a beach date with my girlfriend.

The two girls are working, its quiet no one else on any of the loungers, the massage girl comes over and sits with me and I order a beer.  She is interested in how my date had gone and I tell her its going well I am seeing the girl now, she looks a little disappointed.

She tells me about a guy she once met, a tourist she stayed with him over a month, doing his washing ironing etc, he promised her he would come back, but did not, at least not for her.  He had come back but was now with a different girl.  She tell me my girl was likely on the pill and playing games, Im not sure.  But after I have gone home, would I want to come back and be exclusively with the same girl?

kololi beach massage
Beach Massage girl

I decide to take a massage with her, she is quite sexy, got a fantastic big African ass and long legs.  A massage is 600 Dalasi for 1 hour, she takes me to a back room.  I enquire about a 4 hand massage and the other girl joining us, but any idea of a threesome seems completely off limits with these girls?  Strange considering their menfolk can have 4 wifes, maybe thats why, if a man takes many wifes, then group sex with all his wifes is probably completely no go!

The massage is not bad, quite sensual, touching etc, but have to be discrete. Towards the end she starts giving me a handjob, but I not want cum, I going to meet my girlfriend tonight and have some good sex with her.


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