Romance Tourism

The next day I am a bit concerned about my Gambian girlfriend becoming pregnant and that she is asking for a new smart phone.  Should I be? what do I expect, I tell everyone else its a game and so I am one of its players.  The rules of the game apply to me also, I am not excluded.

I talk to my friend in Sarjes hotel about it, he tells me I can get a Chinese smart phone copy in the craft market for 2500 Dalasi.  That makes me feel better.  Maybe I am just more concerned about parting with too much cash.

Later that day I see her in the restaurant she looks so cute when she is working, I tell her not see her tonight, need a night off, she is OK about it.  I need to order her just a starter in the future, I took her for a pizza in the Kairaba the night before.  The pizza was the size of a full plate and she just ate one slice.  I can see why she is so slim, which is a good thing.

I must be changing from a sex tourist into a romance tourist.  Like these lovely white girls with their black gambian boyfriends.

sex tourists
Romance tourism

I feel sorry for those African boys, how can they possibly get an erection.  I guess if those girls just want to give blowjobs then its not so bad.  When on vacation do these fatties substitute cakes for cocks?  I doubt it.  Fat girls usually want you to go down on them, they are very selfish.

You see alot of fat and old white women about with young Gambian boyfriends.

romance tourism

The young men approach them, start stroking them, making them feel high value.  Now obviously the boys are not interested in having sex with these women, no way, they want their money, yet like many a monger with their girlfriends, these women really believe they have found love and romance, where they could not back home.  it can be a really tough lesson to learn, its the same the world over.  Money #1!

On My Own

That evening I head down the beach to take some more sunset pics an experiment with some camera settings.

kololi sunset
gambia beach sunset

After I head into the Cuban bar in the Kairaba and have a few pints and cheeseburger and watch the football.  Yep just a night on my own watching TV.  Its funny sitting in the Kairaba bar, such a mixed crowd, an old monger, white black, men woman and nobody cares about each other, no animosity.  I like it.



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