Dumb Monger, Smart phone

I meet my waitress girlfriend that evening, she comes back to Sarjes hotel with me, another reason not to see her every night is so I dont have to pay that 700D joiner fee.  But I am not paying her, not yet, not directly, just taking her out to the best restaurants along the Senegambia and enjoying the company.

In the hotel room, she takes a shower and we have sex, again with no condom.  if she is not on the pill playing some long term game with me then she will soon be pregnant as I am the most fertile monger on the planet.  I dont recommend unprotected sex, especially in Africa, but have taken a calculated risk, that she is disease free.  I really might just be fooling myself that somehow I am the special one.  A dumb monger.

Smart Phone

Later back in the hotel room, after our meal, we are cuddled up in bed and she tells me she loves me(that ugly word) and that we are to stay in contact when I go home in a few days time.  How will we keep in contact?  She not have a smart phone?  I certainly intend to reward her for her time and fine young firm African body before I leave.  Now looks like I will be buying her a smart phone before I leave.  She also talks about putting a ring on her finger 🙂

Technology, help or hindrance?

Times have changed since I last had an exotic remote girlfriend.  At least this one was not selling her pussy when I met her in some bar. But lets say these girls working as waitresses etc are more doing a bit of moonlighting, freelancing on the side, semi pros.  Its hard for us to appreciate over 6 months a pretty girl will meet new tourists every two weeks on average.  She will become skilled in the art of manipulation, practice makes perfect.

A few years ago we would have exchanged email addresses and she would have had to goto an internet cafe to write me a letter.  Not now, with smart phones and 3G networks everywhere.  Smart phones and 3G killed the internet cafe.  But at least there is always a camera within arms reach for those saucy pics.

bonk my ebony
black girlfriend

Now a smart phone is a personal computer connected to everyone everywhere.  Its almost got to the point where these girls dont even need mongers and tourists to visit their country anymore to meet you.  They can do this virtually now through social media sites and even extract money from you.  Rewind a good few years, the only way a local girl could meet you is if you fly there and frequent her bar.  Times are changing, where will we be in another 5 years with this technology?

So yes the internet can be a great aid to mongering research but is also a double edged sword as the girls no longer need us to visit them.


3 thoughts on “Dumb Monger, Smart phone”

  1. Hahaha, I’ve been there and got talked into buying a phone for a non-pro in the Philippines. I was a newbie then (my first trip) but that girl was too damn great in every way to turn down.

    Those 5 nights will last a life time and all credit to you for your site due to which I went on that trip all alone. Life will never be the same. Can’t wait for another mongering trip.

    P.s. Please use condoms! We want to hear your stories for another 50 years! :p

    1. Miguel, no it was a scam to get me to send money. Veteran mongers to the Gambia warned me, they are all on the game, there are western union kiosks everywhere. It was silly of me to fuck her without condom, but that pussy on the bed and her begging me to fuck her without condom was hard to resist. You can have alot of fun and sex in the Gambia with beautiful African girls pretty cheap, but dont get emotionally involved

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