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Im enjoying my vacation in Gambia, its very laid back,  friendly, cheap, good food and weather, everything close by and lots of sexy African girls to choose from.  Already I know I will definitely return to Gambia but I wont be staying at Sarjes hotel, or booking a package deal.  Next time it will be at an apartment where there are no joiner fees.

Today I would check out some of the apartments along the main road just off from the Senegambia or the strip as it is known.  Its the usual routine during the daytime,  a lovely walk along the beach after breakfast

gambia beach walk
kololi beach

Then a chill and swim in the Senegambia hotel.  I stop off in the restaurant where my gambian girlfriend works as a waitress and would meet her tonight at 6pm.  Certainly I would now be getting regular sex with a pretty young African girl but no variety or surprises, no hunting or mongering.


The first apartments I check out are Apartments Plaza just on the corner of the Senegambia.

Aparments gambia
Apartment Plaza

The guy at reception lets me take a peek inside one of the rooms.  Looks very comfy, two big double beds, one would be enough and a small kitchenette.  Would be comfortable in here.  The monthly rate is 34,524 Dalasi and the weekly rate 11403, not particularly cheap.

The favourite apartments to stay at along the Senegambia are Oasis, just 20 meters further down.  Its always fully booked and they were unable to show me inside the rooms, would need to come back to take a peek.  But the monthly rate is 25,500 Dalasi with a kitchen and 17,750 weekly rate.  So monthly is the way to go at Oasis.  I check with both apartments that no problem bring guests back to the room.

There are cheaper apartment alternatives around the area like Princess but they are off the main road up pitch black dirt tracks and I dont fancy that.  One of the guys at Sarjes is planning on coming back next season for 3 months and a local Gambian is offering him an apartment for 3500 Dalasi a month!  He not seen it though, probably a hovel and is a long walk from the Senegambia, especially at night.

One recommendation is to book a few nights in Sarjes hotel and then explore the options available for an apartment, there are lots of them down the main strip and should be able to strike a deal.  Alot of the main tourist hotels are getting less and less girl guest friendly, so if your planning on enjoying long time girlfriend experiences, lots of variety then Senegambia apartments are the way to go.

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  1. So you couldn’t take girls back to Sarjes Hotel? I have seen on other websites that whether places are girl friendly is an issue and it’s confusing trying to work out where to stay.

    1. you could take girls back to sarjes but had to pay a joiner fee each time
      There are options usually run by expats, apartments are usually ok, i recommend reading international sex guide gambia forum

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