The girlfriend thing

After returning from my Roots day trip, I rang up my waitress girlfriend and told her I would not be meeting her tonight, I was tired, she was OK about it, not sure how I wanted to play this with her, did I want to do the girlfriend thing, I would feel so guilty about just dumping her, she was a lovely girl…

This is the difference with dating nice girls, you feel more committed, with whores you are always paying them to go away, no ties.  Its been a long time since I done the girlfriend thing, even so tonight I wanted a night off, to be alone with my thoughts.

Black girlfriends
Bonk my ebony

I have a meal across the road from the Sarjes hotel in the Nelson Mandela restaurant, and the food in here was not so good.   I then decide to take a walk up to the Britannia pub.

Britannia pub

I prop myself up against the bar and there is a expat doing a karaoke night, although he is the only one singing.   The Britannia in the evening is a good spot to have a drink if you want to be alone, all the mainstream tourists rarely venture off the strip.  I sink a few beers in the Britannia and around 10pm the freelancers start coming in.  Some are pretty bold and come up to you at the bar and ask if you want some company.  I politely decline.

I really emptied my balls inside that cute African waitress yesterday, still feel content.  Man, I wonder if she could be pregnant?  was she playing a game with me? setting me up as a sponsor, while all the time being on the pill?  She really not seem like that type of girl, usually I can tell the difference.  Questions, questions, only time could now give an answer.  Call it the pregnancy scam.  I call it a night and head back to the Sarjes hotel, walking by the restuarant where my waitress works although she finish her shift now.

Bar Girl Network

I would see her tomorrow in the day.   In such a small compact place like the Senegambia where everyone probably knows everyones business, there is something called the bar girl network.  The girls know who is dating who and many are only too keen to report to any girl they consider to be naive that their boyfriend was seen here and there and is cheating on them.  I would have to tell her I went to the Britannia last night, if I lied there is a good chance she now knows I tell lies, sweet little lies


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