My Gambian Girlfriend

While having a drink in a restaurant along the senegambia strip with my date a Gambian waitress, I ask her back to my hotel.  She agrees but says no sex.  Not sure I believed her but she had to go on the defence to allow herself to say yes.  So we walk back to Sarjes hotel…

The 700 Dalasi guest fee at Sarjes hotel will start to add up if Im going to bring a girl back everyday.  It not matter if she not staying the night, if you take a girl back to your hotel room you have to pay the fee.   I take her to my room and we lay on the bed together and soon we are kissing and cuddling.

Borderline Girls

I always consider such girls like waitresses, shop assistants, hotel staff who work in a tourist location non-pro but borderline.  They work in close proximity to girls who are semi and hardcore pro.  These pro girls earn in a day what the non pro girls earn in a month.  They must notice this and envy that the pro girls have the latest mobile phones and always flush with cash.  These girls must also get propositioned everyday.  Borderline girls dating tourists still expect payment but not directly straight after sex.

African girl strips
Exotic African

Its not long and I am fondling her lovely African tits, she not mind, out they come and they are firm and perfectly formed, I have a good suck.  I notice she has some hair growing under her armpits, like she has not shaved recently.  It can only mean her African pussy is hairy too.  I un button her jeans and pull them off, she wearing a little pair of white panties and off they come too.  I am right she has a nice trimmed African hairy pussy….

No Condom

I want to fuck her, she wants to fuck too, but first I have to promise myself to her forever 🙂  That I will always come back for her.  Well I am not going to say no in such a situation.  I grab one of my condoms and its not long I am inside this young exotic African beauty.  I have to stop for a rest and lose a little bit of my erection, I blame it on the condom, she suggests I take it off as she wants to have a baby… Oh man what am I getting into here?   I take the condom off and fuck her again cumming deep inside her and creampie that tight fresh African pussy.

The things that happen in the privacy of your hotel room.  Later I take her out to a restaurant for a nice meal.  She not eat much, being so slim, just a starter would be more than enough for her.  Later we return to the hotel and cuddle up together for a hour or two.  Around 11pm I walk her back onto the strip and get her a taxi home for 200 Dalasi, with a promise to see her tomorrow.    Looks like I might have myself a Gambian girlfriend now, she is lovely, I enjoy her company, perhaps she is pregnant now too, or will be by the end of the week if this continues…



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