Odessa Girls, Ukraine

Its depressing to see the unrest in Ukraine now having spread to Odessa where many people have now lost their lives.  I have some very fond mongering memories in Odessa and always planned to return one day, Ukrainian women are beautiful and sexy…

I arrived in Odessa Ukraine from Bucharest in Romania and via Warsaw Poland.  First impressions from the view out of the taxi was it was obviously one of the poorest countries in eastern Europe.  I was staying in an apartment that I had booked up with Odessa Apartments.

Odessa Ukraine
Odessa Apartment

The main stretch for bars and restaurants in Odessa city center is Deribasovaskaya.  


There is an Irish pub along Deribasovskaya that is suppose to be popular with the local Odessa girls, freelancers and semi pros.  The other area for picking up girls is Arkadia on the black sea coast.

Arkadia black sea

Arkadia is a stretch along the beach with nightclubs like Itaka, Ibiza etc again a place where you can pick up Odessa girls from non pro to pro, depending on your game and your budget.  At the other end of the scale is Odessa streetwalkers outside Odessa port during the night.  Alot of these girls are rough and drug addicts but with the occasional jewel in the rough.

Odessa port
Odessa Port

Anyway I am in the Irish pub one night down Deribasovskaya minding my own business but feeling upbeat and positive like something is in the air tonight.  There are two beautiful Odessa girls sat in the Irish pub drinking coffee one blonde and one dark.  Dressed really smart I guess they are on their way to Arkadia later.  I also assume they must be with some Russian heavies somewhere.

Later I goto the toilet and I can see the blonde girl in the womens toilet powdering her nose.  She looks round at me looking at her. I smile and say hello.  She smiles back and comes over to me and invites me to come and sit with her and her friend.  They want me to come to Itaka with me, but Im thinking this means expensive, champagne etc.  The blonde girl then invites herself around to my apartment, for sex, a threesome, we agree a price and leave.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentWell after a chat and a photo shoot in the lounge back at my Odessa apartment we head to the bedroom.  The blonde girl strips off and has a fantastic body with a Brazilian hairline on her pussy.  Iv got a full erection just looking at her, they are both playing with my cock and the Blonde sits on it cowgirl style.  The dark girl has her huge tits in my face while I am fucking the blonde.  It was a fantastic threesome in Odessa.  I was so happy I knew I had struck gold that night.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this content
The blonde girl gave me her contact details and called me one night when I was back home, where I promised to return to Odessa and spend some time with her, she seemed to really like me and my wallet too.

Its such a shame to see chaos breaking out in Ukraine and Odessa today on the news.  But often a good mongering destination can be politically unstable.  While the world powers at Geneva try to come to a solution with Russia things are taking their own path on the ground.   Putin a message to you; better to be a whore monger than a war monger.

6 thoughts on “Odessa Girls, Ukraine”

  1. Interesting report King Monger. All the feedback on the Ukraine on WS Guide is pretty poor. but you seem to have stumbled on a couple of gems there. The dark haired girl is stunning. Do you have any more pics of her?

    1. Yes I stumbled on two gems in the Irish pub. Was a very special evening. After they had left I knew I had been very lucky, although not cheap. Most people like the blonde girl, she had a fantastic figure. I was in touch with her for a while but never went back to spend some time with her alone. Hope she is OK now. Odessa very interesting place, but the mongering is not in your face

      I do have a few more pics and some video, will put up soon

  2. Thanks King Monger. Must confess having a women as hot as the blond wanting to keep in touch and not going back would do my head in. You are clearly made of sterner stuff. Hope your current one man invasion of SE Asia is on track.

    1. Well I am a bit shy of doing the girlfriend thing, have reservations about being drawn into a relationship with a cool girl. One year later I am in Brazil and I get a missed call from her on my phone. She still had my number. I can only assume, she rang to see if I was coming back for some seconds. I never returned the call. Like I said not wanted to get drawn in. I was more interested in travelling other parts of the world, thinking I would just meet more girls like her.

  3. Really appreciate if you could pm/email the contact info of your lovely blonde friend. I am in Odessa now for 2 weeks and have the urge.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Jason, Iv lost touch with her now, long time ago. You can always find quality Ukraine girls in Odessa, just try and be in the right place at the right time, need to stay there a while, rent an apartment

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