One Night in Bangkok

So I am walking down the Sukhumvit road, its dark now and my first night in Bangkok.  I had left my friends in the Golden bar down the Nana soi 4, every side street or soi is beckoning me down with glowing neon lights, everywhere I look there are gogos, beer bars, streetwalkers, I am being bombarded with new sights, sounds and smells…

What I need is some touch, I am keen to try my first Thai massage, maybe cure some of my jet-lag too.  Down an ally I notice a yellow neon sign with the word Massage.  I walk down and a very pretty and busty Thai girl welcomes me and takes me into a back room for my massage.

Farang Ding Dong
Busty Thai Girl

Who said Thai girls aint got no tits?  Funny thing is Iv not met another girl in Thailand like her since, she was gorgeous, at least compared to the bar girls I had only seen earlier.

Massage, Breast Relief

I lay naked on the table face down, the massage is very good.  I fall asleep, she wakes me and its time to turn round.  Its not long before her hand is on my erection and she asks me if I want some extras.  Well with those big firm Thai tits we agree on some breast relief.  Im sat on the table, she stood in front of me and my cock in her cleavage.  She has done this before, she cups her tits and applies just the right amount of pressure, up and down, I explode and give her a new  pearl necklace.

I kind of feel good having cum this way, would mean would not be indulging in any risky behaviour involving the exchange of bodily fluids.  I head back to the Nana Plaza to try out my first Gogo.  I am sat in a gogo on the ground floor of the Nana Plaza and I mesmerised by about a dozen Thai Gogo girls dancing in front of me in tiny bikinis.  I was almost expecting to be ripped off or something, but nothing like that happened.

Gogo Girl Threesome

An attractive Thai girl sits with me, she must have known I was a newbie to Bangkok.  She wants to show me around and meet her friend upstairs, I just go with the flow.  Upstairs in another Gogo her friend sits with us.  Suddenly I am getting aroused again about having my first Thai girl threesome.  They take me to a short time hotel in the Nana and we get down to business.  I am fucking one of the girls and the other is holding my balls,  I cum a second time in a few hours, very unusual for me.

Thai gogo girl
Nana Plaza girl

One of the girls is quite affectionate and wants to come back to the hotel with me.  Again I just go with the flow and take her back to the Asia lodge.  She stays the night, the next morning I say goodbye and she wants me to return to the gogo tonight.  A great first night in Bangkok.  A very cherished mongers memory…  I now had to see what has happened to my friends….


6 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok”

  1. Hi Mr Monger. Great report. Can you tell me which soi the massage parlour was on? Was it Soi 4?

    1. Unfortunately this complex of beer bars and massage parlours has long gone now, its a hotel now, like alot of bars down the Sukhumvit are going, clinton plaza, washington square. I recommend a look down soi 22 or soi 7,1 for a sexy massage

      1. Many thanks King Monger. Will check out both places next visit. Got bored of Tulip, Snow white and Mango so am grateful of your suggestions. Hope all is going well with your current SE Asia tour of duty.

        1. Hi I checked out all those places you mention, Tulip and Mango up soi 24 and my they were ugly girls inside, Tulip and Mango kept coming up on the world sex guide forums so thought I would take a look, not impressed not sure what all the fuss was about? Will do a post on my experience but there is some good places along a sub soi off soi 22, opposite imperial suites hotel, analisa and honey bee, everything is on the menu, some nice girls too

          1. Hi King Monger. Hope all is well in the City of Angels. I can see where you are coming from regarding Mango and Tulip. Both places were in their prime a couple of years ago. To be honest neither place was packed full of stunners even back then, it was the quality of service that made them stick out. However I went to Mango a couple of times last Sept and the service was average so what is the point. However back in their hey-day I was lucky enough to be entertained by 2 of their star performers (Tuk from Tulip and Cherry from Mango who were both amazing). Sadly both have since departed. Sign of the times on LOS me thinks. But I will still be back…even now you cant beat Thailand!

            1. Yep Thailand and Bangkok still #1 for me too. Its funny how places change last night was in Silver star Agogo in Pattaya and just fuglies on stage, few ywars back had a few stunners and lots of punters. Iv just had a few really good nights in Bangkok, will post soon

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