Gambia beach date

By 2pm the Senegambia waitress had not turned up, I ring her and she says she will meet me outside Sarjes hotel at 3pm. I tell her to meet me on the beach just down from the Senegambia hotel, Im starting to think she might not turn up, if not no worries, plenty more pretty waitresses and bar girls to choose from…

She does turn up on the beach after 3pm and is looking very sexy dressed in a little t-shirt and tight jeans. I lead her to my quiet secluded spot I had already staked out and where one hour earlier a massage girl had been handling my manhood.

We order some drinks and start chatting.  In her uniform back at the restaurant I not realise she had such big black boobs, more than a handful, a nice bonus, if it got that far later, if she would let me, would she expect me to marry her first 🙂

Big black tits
Big African tits

She was a Muslim girl, but not strict.   I not mind waiting a day or two, it would be a challenge, I could always sneak off later back to the Britannia pub or the wow bar.  Good girls are often attracted to bad boys if they are sexually suppressed.  The last thing they want is a good guy who has psychologically castrated himself with religious dogma or other such holier than thou hogwash

She is a sweet African girl, early twenties but very sensual I can tell, she seems to have the hots for me, she likes my blue eyes, I guess some of the local black Gambian girls have a thing for white men.  Not seem to matter I am nearly 25 years older than her.  She wants to ride a horse, there are guys walking up and down the beach all day with horses trying to get tourists to take a ride.  I pay up 200 Dalasi for 20 minutes and help her up on the horse.  She not ride a horse before, 10 minutes later she is back and wants to get off as she feels scared.

We kiss and cuddle a little on the lounger, a good start.  Conversation is always a little difficult with a non pro girl.  Im not treating her like a whore, its not like we have alot in common what with our age difference, but we like each other alot.  Man I am horny and want this girl bad.  A bit later we wander back up onto the strip and stop off in a restaurant for a drink where her sister works.   I am about to ask her to come back with me  to Sarjes hotel…

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