Thailand, first trip

It was a Friday night in the local pub and two of my close friends are talking about taking a trip to Thailand.  I tell them I am coming too.  One of my friends was flush after selling his house but was now unemployed.  If my friends had not spawned this idea I may never have visited Thailand and become an international whore monger

To be honest my friends would find it hard to organise a piss up in a brewery. It was me who booked the flights and had to chase them up for money, but money was one thing they did have at the time. And so the day came when we would take our maiden flight to Bangkok Thailand.

We were booked into The Asia lodge down the bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit road around the corner from the Nana Plaza. I had done a fair amount of research on Bangkok before our arrival on the internet, we were in a good location and the hotel very girl friendly.

view from asia lodge

One thing I do remember reading that struck me was that after a sex holiday in Thailand life will never be the same again.

thai bar girls
nana bar girls

That first afternoon in Bangkok we head round to the Nana Plaza and settle down in the Golden bar adjacent to the Nana hotel. Its not long before we have a group of bar girls sat with us and buying them drinks.  At first they look a little ugly and rough, I knew there was alot better to be had, especially when the Gogos opened around 7pm.   After a few beers the beer goggles were firmly in place and the bar girls were looking more and more attractive.

My friend who had not had much experience with women and girlfriends was getting very comfy with one of the Thai bar girls. Later I leave them and head back to the hotel to change and take a shower and then took a wander down the Sukhumvit road. It was a magical place back in 2002, every other soi had beer bars, gogos, massage parlours, I was like a kid in a candy store, an Adult Disney land.

Thai brides
Guy marries Thai girlfriend

This first sex vacation to Thailand with two of my friends contains some of my most cherished mongering memories, not through rose tinted spectacles.  Back in 2002 Bangkok was still a thriving sex tourism destination, most Thai girls were available long time for around 2000 baht all inclusive.  We were mesmerised by all the pretty young slim Thai girls on stage doing the Bangkok shuffle, every other one was a bar fine.

This first trip to Bangkok set the benchmark for all subsequent sex tours back to Thailand and around the world.  Life would never be the same again. To be continued….

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