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Goa India 2002

As part of a new project, I am now adding all my images from all my trips around the world since 2002 as video and photo slide shows to MongerPlanet Youtube.  I am starting off this series with my first trip to Goa in India in March of 2002.  This trip to Goa was my first trip to the third world and was the pre-cursor of future monger centric journeys…

Accompanying each video or slide show will be some anecdotes covering the key points of the trip. So without further ado let gets started.

My friend had walked out of his job back in 2002, he always had a problem working for someone else, he was half Indian and so took an extended break from employment travelling through India alone. I was in contact via email, and proposed I meet up with him in Goa for a two week vacation.

Prior to this trip to Goa, I started to research India via the internet, back then I was interested in sex with local Indian girls, was it available, like it was not back home?  Using terms like “Goa Sex Guide” I first discovered  whore  mongering sites like the World sex guide and the international sex guide.

Reports were not looking that positive,  Goa was a place thriving during the 90s but since more mainstream tourism took over, there had been a crackdown on any form of prostitution.


So I arrive in Goa and my friend is waiting outside the airport, we shack up in a nice place called Anjuna,

Goa girls

lovely beaches.  In hindsight I would have likes to have spent more time in Anjuna but the next day we are on a bus to Polem, the other side of Goa.

Goa tourist map
Goa map

My ass was sore when arriving in Polem from the bus ride and we had a beach hut for like £1.50 a night.


There were some nice tourist girls staying in Polem, you kind of joined a community.  It was a little disconcerting that these girls were fucking the local Indian boys but no Indian girls to be seen.

goa polem

I ate a doggy curry in Polem and got seriously ill.  I collapsed and passed out in a restaurant and had to stay in hospital for 2 nights.  I had severe Diarrhoea, fever, gastroenteritis and dehydration.  A severe case of whats called the Delhi Belly.


After my recovery we left Polem and stayed in Colva for a few days where I got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Goa ColvA
Colva Goa

From Colva we made our way to Calangute and Baga, these are the main tourist beaches, difficult to say resorts.

Indian girlfriend
Nude Indian girl

My trip to Goa in India was an experience but I had no desire to return.  There was no Indian girls available and my friend who travelled through most of India saw very few girls.  Its a dirty country lacking basic hygiene least of all toilet paper.

Baga cow
Baga beach

Now I could have turned a blind eye to all that if I had met some sexy Indian girls like in the picture above but its not available.  Other tourists are your best bet.  Iv just checked the international sex guide Goa forum and not much has changed.  through contacts you can hook up with some pros, unlikely to be Indian though and there are a few places offering massage with extras.

13 thoughts on “Goa India 2002”

  1. Dude
    You have missed heaven in INDIA
    India is a place where you can fuck all you want.
    You get beauties at throw away prices.
    You should know where to look.

    I will narrate my experiences.

    Was really horny one night, so checked on line and called a number from online.
    No reply. So emailed him instead. Received five pics of five girls. Choose a chubby girl and discussed price.
    She was on her way.
    In about 45 mins she was at my hotel.
    She had gorgeous assets. Plump ass and round big boobs.
    I had a instant erection.
    Took her in.
    Started with fondling, took a shower.
    She was gorgeous in bed. I humped her, squeezing her ass boobs.
    Fucked her for 15 mins.
    She stayed the night.
    I was tired. We slept. Got up at 7 am took a shower and fucked her inside.
    Loved doing doggy in the shower. Her soft big ass was so nice to push against.
    After that she left.

    This my first experience.

    Then on i have had beautiful encounters in many places including goa, bangalore, chennai

    You know what, next time you visit India plan a trip to Bangalore.
    You will find some very good pussy there.
    Or let me know if you cannot find any!!

    1. Thanks for the update on Goa and India.
      Back in 2002 getting on the internet and calling up escorts was not an option
      Can you give details of the online resources you used to hook up with these Indian babes
      I do find Indian women very sexy and would love to fuck a fair few

  2. Used Locanto in the begining.
    Now have enough contacts there.
    So now i do my regular contacts
    Plus i get introduced to new ones many times.
    There are a lot of ugandan women in bangalore now.
    They have big asses and i love their passion.
    Met a few last month- had a threesome.

    1. Thanks omkar, may give Locanto a go in my local area in London
      So I assume its available there in India?
      Would you be interested in doing a guest post on India and how you get pussy for MongerPlanet?

  3. Yes Locanto is available in INDIA
    Would love to do a guest post.
    Though I like Indian women, I am into african tits n ass these days.
    Been hunting some and getting some in bangalore.
    Hope thats ok on the guest post

    1. omkar a guest post on your mongering exploits would be great, just adds alot of variety to the blog, different peoples experiences. I cannot be everywhere
      Indian African women, does not matter, its always good to pass some personal experiences including info that other visitors might find useful like best places, prices etc
      Look forward to it, can email me via the contact page. Happy new year

  4. hi guys
    Have news.
    Recently went to goa.
    It is a slow season now for tourism there.
    Got into a 3 star hotel
    Was horny as hell and was checking a back page.
    Found a pimp who sent me pics on whatsapp.
    Selected a chubby girl.
    Soon was out to pick her at the beach.

    Picked her.Got her to the hotel
    She had nice boobs n curvy ass n good plump thighs.
    In the room she started with kissing my chest and went onto my croch
    She started teasing my balls with her tongue.
    I had instant erection.
    She started to suck me (without condom)
    Loved her attitude..she was so good at seducing.
    I got on top fucked her good…
    She was massaging my balls while i was fucking her.
    I felt so nice.After some positions i came.

    We then had a shower together.
    I fucked her again.
    This time i lasted really long…she was moaning.
    Loved her ass.It was a nice feeling
    Came out…watched a movie on TV..
    After some time she was again caressing me.
    Stroking my cock with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other.
    Then she started to suck my cock.
    I was throbbing again.
    Fucked her again.
    After half n hour i dropped her back.

    This experience was a WOW….

    Next day i went to beach….A pimp approached me, regarding a good massage center.
    I struck a deal and followed him.
    He took me about 10 km inside into a area with old apartments.
    Entered, paid in advance.
    Selected a nice girl.
    She massaged me but out right told no to a more intense massage.
    I felt let down and cheated..
    Came back to hotel.

    1. Thanks Pyar for the tip on Sonagachi, I did as you advised and learned that Sonagachi is the biggest red light district in India indeed in Asia. Now Kolkata formerly Calcutta is a short haul flight from somewhere like Bangkok for anyone on an extended vacation around Asia or even a visa run.

      Can you give some more information on Sonagachi? is it white tourist friendly? what are the prices? services like? Easy to get to from center of Kolkata?

      I would love to have a fuckfest with some beautiful Indian girls!

      1. It is illegal. But go with some pimp there (you will find pinp out side on raod very easily. ) You can get a good girl starting from Rs 1500 for an hour (USD 24) and upto Rs 10000 for a night(USD 150). Stay in 5 star hotel (starting USD 80 hotel rate) Even you can get in touch with hotel staff for girl or search on Craiglist. You will many beauty in your room. going to Sonagachii is little bit dangrous for a white. Dont be scare. but go along with a pimp. Give Rs 500 for his tip and both of you will be happy. in case of any trouble just ready with a bill of Rs 2000. No one will touch you.

        1. Thanks for this Sudeep, its interesting because stickman of Bangkok who loves to photograph whores and red light districts had a recent trip to Calcutta from Thailand and was offered a tour of Sonagachi by a fixer on the street. But walking around with expensive camera gear etc, would appreciate your opinion on this kind of encounter, you can read here https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/weekly-column/2017/06/a-man-who-likes-to-photograph-prostitutes/

  5. The scene in India has changed completely over the last 2 years – with apps like Whatsapp the business is booming and it is giving a chance to have fun with unbelievable discreet beauties – of course a bit pricey, but WOW!! All you need to know is the right contact or avenue to get started.

    I paid 30K (Indian rupees)for 3 hours for a real air hostess ( what a beauty – fair, tall well proportioned and flawless English) to come to my room in a 5 star hotel in Mumbai and had an out of this world experience – I had the pleasure of undressing her saree/blouse and was floored by her beauty!! fucked her to my heart’s content and finished with fucking her ass bareback as she moaned and made noises. Ate her out and enjoyed every inch of her body but …carrying her to the bathroom and having her squat on the sink and then indulging in Mutual Golden showers was the icing on the cake

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