Dating Gambian Girls

I get talking to a few of the old guys in Sarjes hotel who have tales to tell.  One of them is dating a local Gambian girl who is working in the hotel kitchen.  He tells me she is strict Muslim and the only way he will be able to have sex with her is by first marrying her 🙂  When he first arrived he intended to have lots of fun…

When he first arrived in Kololi, he took a bumster up on his offer to meet some girls and went to some shack off the main road with him.  Well the girl he introduced him to left alot to be desired, least of all rotting teeth.  I doubted very much the bumsters could ever deliver on their promises, they are pretty desperate looking people.

I could tell this guy was kind of in a trap dating with this muslim girl that he had now invested alot of time in. He intended to come back for 3 months next season and when he was home to finish the current relationship he was having.  I think he was having some moral issues with it all as well, and finding it hard to adjust to the local economy, that 3000 Dalasi is a good monthly income for these girls.

Alot of the British in the Senegambia are from the North, pretty base alot of them, I guess its because they can get such a cheap package, yes the Cheap Charlie brigade.   Another old guy told me he been coming for many years now and the girls are only interested in money.  When he first came he started sending money and all that crap.

So this guy dating the muslim girl was nearly 70 and she was 24.  Not uncommon in the Gambia but my suspicions were she was playing the game with him, extracting funds and giving very little in return, whereas with someone else a little more experienced, she would have been more consenting.


Another method of meeting local girls in the Gambia is something called pipelining.  Join an African dating site like AfroIntroductions and make lots of contacts with the gambian girls.  Then you can set up dates with them for when you arrive, so  that you have dates setup in the ‘pipeline’.  I have read some stories though of these girls becoming very possessive especially if you have sex, like turning up at your apartment or hotel demanding to see you, threatening etc.    Another approach is searching for girls with typical Gambian names on Facebook and adding as friends.

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Setting up dates with local Gambian girls before I arrive is not really my style, after all I am a monger and if anything for the most part I am paying the girls to go away and leave me alone after the deed has been done.  Im not looking for a wife or a long distance girlfriend, I want some new experiences for sure, I want sex with great looking black girls with great tits and ass!  I like the girlfriend experience, if I was going to be dating any of these pretty waitresses they sure need to get their panties off too.

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  1. Hi, Really enjoying your posts. I`m UK based, done the usual Asian mongering scene for the last 8 years but now getting a little tired of it. Looking for pastures new, never considered Africa, not even for a holiday, I like my creature comforts and need to feel secure but your site is opening my eyes, some gorgeous looking females. Loving your work, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Stuart, yep Africa is a little out of the comfort zone, but I can highly recommend Gambia, very safe, I guess too you just have to like black and African girls too, For creature comforts there is some really nice apartments, i will give some details in another post or stay at the Kairaba. Im planning a return to Asia though, Thailand but more so Cambodia and Philippines which hopefully still have some of that old magic which is fast diseapearing from the P4P scene in Thailand. So African does make a change for some old black magic, where long time, girlfriend experience is very much back on the menu

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