The Britannia

After getting another pretty waitresses number I head up the Senegambia to the main road and on the corner is a craft market.  I check out the craft market to see what is on offer, Im not buying now but will take a souvenir  home with me.  There are some excellent wooden carvings in the craft market, you can see the local African men at work, they push you to enter their little shop and buy something

As always with these markets there is no fixed price, it is all done on bartering.  Whatever price they ask for, you start off by coming back with half that price and moving from there you come to an agreement.

senegambia market
Craft market

After exploring the craft market and determining they sell Gambian fridge magnets I head up to the main road I want to check out a pub called the Britannia.

Britannia pub
The Britannia

The Britannia is just a two minute walk from the Senegambia strip.  The Britannia pub is a known hangout for African prostitutes but more late at night, like after 10pm.  In the evening not many in, a few expats sat around and some pretty bar maids.  They have JulBrew beer on draft, although it says restaurant outside they were not selling any food inside.  I have a couple of beers a make a mental note to return one night but much later and check out the scene.

You meet some interesting people on the main road.  They not mind me snapping a few pics, just love all the bright colors Africans love to wear.  Everyone so friendly.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentThe good girls are known as ‘Home girls’  you wont find these in the Britannia anytime let alone late at night.  So many sights and sounds to take in when in a country like Gambia.  You could spend all day pressing the shutter release button on your camera.

Gambian fruit sellers
Selling fruit

I head back down to the Senegambia and pass Sarjes hotel to try out a new restaurant called the Glastonbury.

I meet the owner inside and he is a British ex pat who looks like he has walked straight out of a Glastonbury music festival.  The Glastonbury used to be a Chinese restaurant and they still have a Chinese menu as well as traditional English dishes.  I order a chinese and its delicious, the food along the Senegambia has been so good, its all freshly cooked.

I was so full after my meal I return to my room in Sarjes and lay on the bed.  I am considering ringing up the waitress who gave me her number earlier but its late now and I cannot stop farting and they stink!

I fall asleep and wake up in the early hours of the morning like 1AM.  I hear the music and partying coming off the strip, its Friday night after all. I cant get back to sleep so decide to take a wander outside and check the scene in the early hours of the morning.  Up the strip its more Africans about than tourists.  It looks a little raw to me, outside the Wow bar a few streetwalkers acost me but they look a little hardcore.

I decide to walk round to the Britannia pub again and check it out during its prime time.  Its packed out inside, probably more African men than women.  But all the African girls look like they are on the game, some very attractive, was tempted by one, but decide I am really not in the mood so head back to the hotel and call it a night.




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