London Waiting

I had an interview today for a job in the city of London.  Been a while since I have been into London.  Currently I am on gardening leave from my current job that comes to an end this month.  I am considering many options including taking a year out, travelling through south east Asia primarily but in the meantime I am testing the job market, am I still of value…

I dont have enough money in the bank to retire, not sure I really want to yet, got at least another twenty years work in me.  What I am considering is just taking a month or two out and then coming back and starting a new permanent job.  Or at least testing the market to see if I can relatively easily walk into another job why I wait for my final settlement to come through.  Dont count your chickens until they hatch.   

If I cannot secure a new permanent job in the next couple of weeks then a year out is still on the cards. I have alot to sort out if I was to take a year out, least of all renting out my house and clearing out all the junk.  The thing is in my heart I want to take a year out, I dont want to return to work.  After a year how would I feel then? would I have finally got something out of my system, or will I be a wreck, incapable of ever holding down a regular job again?

Alternatively am considering just 3 months and then returning to try and do contract work.  I may be more suited to that as would potentially work all over the country and abroad.  They say though after 3 months unemployed it gets a lot harder to return to work, you begin to lose confidence.

Either way I am keen to cut the ties that hold me down.  I am changing, I no longer value material things, I still have no drive to get married or start a family, I guess I never met the right girl and fell in love.   I still love money and want to accumulate more of it, not watch it deplete over the coming workless period.  I value money for the experiences it can buy and not the objects.

Anyway, self analysis over and  returning to London, its an interesting place and working in the center each day would surely open up new opportunities not least mongering.

City of London

A job in the center of London would be a change.  All those pubs, all those tourists, all those brothels all those escorts of every nationality!  Mongering in London is not like other places, most happens behind close doors, you cant just wander around where it comes looking for you.  You have to do some research.   If I worked in London every day I would probably become an expert London monger.  Out of the office each evening onto the tube and trying out some new joint.

London picadilly
Picadilly circus

Well being on gardening leave after the interview, which was mostly just a technical test I felt myself being pulled towards Soho.  Soho is Londons red light district and is pretty shit compared to other red light districts, but I thought I would take a look all the same.

red light district

Its much the same as it ever was, but I noticed a few places had closed down, looked to be receding slightly, not notice any model walkups.  Plenty of Thai and Chinese massage shops dotted around especially off China town.  I enquired within one, and they wanted £50 for a 1 hour massage.

Problem is you dont see the girl or the granny who is going to give you a massage until you have committed.  Usually they are ugly old Chinese women in the back, but not always I have had one or two good experiences here in the past, but they are the exception rather than the rule.  I decided to take the train home, like I said to get the best out of London, you need to do your research and should be heading to an address having rung a number.   So I am London waiting…  or on the next jet plane out of this place…

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