Pretty Gambian Waitresses

Much the same routine each day in the Gambia, up at 7AM and down to the breakfast hall in the Sarjes hotel where I am usually the only patron and then a walk through the Kairaba and along Kololi beach.  Each day the weather has been kind but you do get a cool strong breeze blowing off the Atlantic

I hate this, seeing all these loungers, early in the morning with a towel over them or a book thrown in the middle.

reserved loungers
Towels on loungers

The guests reserving themselves a prime position, I guess the night before.  This should be banned!  We use to blame this on the Germans, but not so many Germans here.  The majority of tourists in the Gambia must be British and then Scandinavian and Dutch.

The wind coming off the Atlantic ocean was looking particularly strong today, Im not too interested in swimming in the sea.

Atlantic ocean wind
Gambian coast

The Atlantic ocean is not the same as the Indian ocean which you face each morning in East Africa like Mombasa in Kenya.  Still even with the wind its very hot in the sun especially around midday.  It all makes such a change from the damp and misery back home in the UK.

That day I head back down to the Swiss restaurant on the beach front and had an all day breakfast which was very nice.  Lots of places serve up a cooked English breakfast. Even though a Muslim country,  bacon is very much on the menu for the tourists.  There is a really cute girl working as a waitress  in the Swiss bar.

swiss bar waitress
cute waitress

Later when I decide to leave and head back to Sarjes, I ask her out.  She accepts but cant do tonight, her day off is Tuesday.  She gives me her phone number.  Well that was easy, got quite a collection of phone numbers now of pretty Gambian waitresses.

These Gambian girls do come in all shapes and sizes, from slim to large, also different shades of brown from almost pitch black to a light caramel.  I prefer the slimmer girls with some curves and more of a caramel colour.   What alot do have though is those black booty that poke right out, I love that.   So if you are into black girls, you will enjoy mongering in the Gambia.

Back at Sarjes hotel I have a swim in their pool, but not good, not long enough and one end is more a childs enclosure also too much chlorine in the pool and the water is misty.  In my room I am considering ringing the waitress I met in the Wow disco the other night, but decide to take a stroll up on the main road for now.  I stop in a bar along the Senegambia where they serve draught beer and this pretty and very slim waitress serves me my beer with a side dish of peanuts.  The peanuts are lovely, peanuts are one of Gambia’s main exports. they taste great just natural, not coated or salted.

I tell her I am in my element with a cold draught beer, a plate of peanuts, the sun shining and a pretty girl to talk to.  She comes back and gives me her phone number scribbled down on a napkin and she finishes work at 6pm.  God this is getting so easy.  Iv still got it too, I mean these lovely Gambian waitresses are in their early twenties and giving me their phone numbers left right and center.  I am now spoilt for choice….  Who to call, who to take out


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