African Queens

After spending the day relaxing in the Senegambia hotel I return to my room in Sarjes for  the infamous shit, shave and shower and got ready to find myself an African beauty down the strip.  I had a wad of Dalasi in my pockets, two big swinging balls and I was feeling horny

I started the evening off in one of the most popular and recommended restaurants down the strip called the African Queen.  I ate my first grilled Barracuda and cant complain about the meal.  They pack them in tight in the African queen though, if you move your chair back a little you will bump into someone.  They really would like you in an out within 10 minutes.  Mostly couples inside so feel a little self concious being a single monger, but like to try these places.  Quite a few white females with their younger African boyfriends.

Senegambia restuarant
African queen

After my fresh fish meal I pop a few doors down back into the Wow bar, which is becoming my local down the Senegambia.  I notice a cute looking African girl over the other side of the bar and catch her catching me looking at her.  As these girls often do she pops over and says ‘Hi’.  She not mind me snapping a pic of her, but one of the waitresses near the entrance reminds me inside no photos are allowed.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this contentShe is friendly and sits down with me and I buy her a drink.  I like her wig and pink spotty dress.  Its not long and we are talking business.  She wants “Forty Quid” for half an hour massage, half an hour blowjob and then half an hour sex.

So already this girl is much more Pro.  No wanting to be my girlfriend or wanting to stay with me long time.  She tells me she has her own apartment only 5 minute walk away up on the main road.  Forty quid is too much but we settle on 2000 Dalasi.  At least I wont have to pay the 700 Dalasi joiner fee at the Sarjes hotel.

A deal is struck and we leave the wow bar and up the strip to the main road.  Its dark now and some of taxi drivers know her and she screams at them to “fuck off!” which I find funny.  We walk up a pitch black road, more a dust track, the same road where the princess apartments reside.  A place I wanted to check out during my stay for if I return.

We make it into her apartment and I am impressed inside.  Two large bedrooms, one en- suite, large lounge and kitchen.   I would be very comfortable living here.  She shares it with her sister who also works down the strip.  They pay around 8000 Dalasi a month rent!  We make it into her bedroom and on the floor is a suitcase full of girly shoes, on the wall a rack full of girly handbags, a real African queen.

We strip down and she is standing in front of me and her African ass is just poking out, you could have almost put your drink on it.  It turns me on and I will be fucking this black girl doggy.  She gives me a massage and it is really good.  She tells me she started working as a massage girl in the Senegambia hotel but could not make enough money.

The massage only lasts 5 minutes though not the promised 30 minutes she said back in the Wow bar.  Hesitantly she gives me some BBBJ, not bad and then we get down to some fucking.  At that moment we have a total blackout, its pitch black and cant see a thing.  She rushes around and lights some candles.  Blackouts are common in the Gambia but usually dont last long.  After a couple of minutes the lights come back on and at that moment I hear someone let themselves into the apartment, she tells me not to worry its her sister.

I ask her if her sister wants to join us or just watch.  She says NO.  So I fuck her doggy on the bed and it is really good.  Just grabbing and slapping that big firm black African booty at the same time.  Just cant get enough of that.  After the deed is done, I pay her the agreed amount and I meet her sister.  Her sister is short fat and ugly, so glad I not push for a threesome.

We walk back to the Wow bar together, where she eventually leaves me for some fresh punters…   Turns out she just pops down to the Wow bar now again when money is getting a bit tight and bags herself a tourist.   Good experience but definitely more pro


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