Senegambia culture vulture

After my relaxing walk along Kololi beach and back through Bijilo forest I decided I would spend the day chilling in and around the Senegambia hotel.  At 11:30AM every day in the Senegambia they feed the vultures.  Vultures from all over Gambia gather at the Senegambia for some free lunch…

The Senegambia hotel is the most popular and the most established hotel in the Kololi area.  Its mid range more stars than Sarjes and less than the Kairaba.  The strip, the senegambia takes its name from the hotel.  Like the Kairaba for a fee you can use the Senegambia facilities for the day.   It was 250 Dalasi to use the pool and loungers and another 50 Dalasi for a towel.   The Senegambia has two pools, one where they play music and games all day with the reps and another much more peaceful and much better for swimming around 20M in length.

Senegambia hotel
Senegambia pool

One annoying thing about the Senegambia hotel is their menu prices does not include tax whereas everywhere else they do, I mean who do they think they are fooling?  The food was not bad but not as good as what you can get down the strip and not as cheap either.

Most of the tourists staying at the Senegambia are couples, a good majority are retired with a few families considering its was not yet school holidays.  I felt I stood out a little being a single monger, sex tourist.   The other tourists were not nearly as friendly as the local Africans.  Its part of Gambian culture to say hello to complete strangers, if you walk pass people and ignore them its considered conceited.    There was some obvious truth in this statement when your own folk turned their snotty noses up at you if you tried to be friendly, like a piece of shit was stuck under their nose.

Vulture feeding
Culture vulture

Come 11:30  I enjoyed the Vulture feeding which goes on for around 30 minutes where a guy throws out raw meat and all the vultures try to get a look in.  There must have been around a 100 vultures circling above and then come down for feeding, they dont seem bothered by all the tourists come to watch them eat.

In the afternoon I move down to the beach front of the Senegambia hotel and only just manage to find a lounger there.  Alot more people staying in the Senegambia hotel.  The Kairaba is more relaxing, more expensive but the Senegambia has the best swimming pool.

I have a good swim in the pool, 25 lengths get myself nice and firm for the lucky lady tonight for some black sensations, I was feeling horny and had a few phone numbers of some sexy Gambian waitresses or maybe another visit to the Wow bar to see what African cuties were available tonight…



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