Bijilo Forest

My day times in Gambia and Kololi were starting to take on a structure, I was getting up at 7AM and down to the breakfast hall in the Sarjes hotel where I was alone and if I was lucky could fill my plate up with hot sausages, baked beans and freshly baked bread.  After breakfast I would walk through the Kairaba hotel to Kololi beach for a morning walk….

One morning I would walk left up to the end of Bijilo forest, the next day I would walk right up pass Kololi point and to Kotu beach.  

kotu beach
Kotu beach

I really enjoy my morning works along the beach, life work and all associated anxieties dissolve away.  This is how life should be, my natural environment is not glass and concrete.  Its so unnatural to have to work 9 until 5( if you are lucky).

kololi massage
beach massage

The beach heading up to Kotu is more built up, more restaurants bars and places where you can rent a lounger.  I notice a few massage parlours as well which I may have to sample one day

Today I walked to the end of Bijilo forest and then decided to walk back through the forest.  Bijilo forest is a tourist attraction just down from the Senegambia.  There is an official entrance fee of 150 Dalasi, for extra you can also hire a guide, who all looked high on Ganga.  There is nothing to stop you walking into Bijilo forest anywhere along Kololi beach.

Bijilo forest
Kololi beach

The wow bar girl I met my first night in Gambia wanted to show me the forest, I joked we would have sex in the forest, she was up for that.  On the way back to Sarjes I decided to walk back through Bijilo forest, more a jungle to me, not something I am used to seeing back home, what makes it all so interesting….

Bijilo national park
Bijilo jungle

When I am in the jungle, I wish I was back home, when I am home, I wish I was back in the jungle….

Not much chance of getting lost in the forest, the paths are well trodden and you always have the beach to your left.  Its suppose to have lots of monkeys, a few snakes but I not see any, just a few funny looking birds.  I should have cut short at the entrance and headed back down to the beach, where the attendant then collared me for 150 Dalasi.  But was thoroughly enjoying my morning walks after breakfast in Gambia…

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