Senegambia waitresses

After a nice day relaxing by Kololi beach, that night I head back down the Senegambia in the direction of the Wow bar and the Wow girls.
I stop off in a few bars and the waitresses are so friendly, very forward, offering to give you their phone numbers, telling you when their day off is. I guess they are keen to supplement their meagre wages with a short term tourist boyfriend.

Most are on a monthly salary of no more than 3000 Dalasi, in a popular bar or restaurant they may make a 100 Dalasi a day on tips which will often then be used on a taxi fare home if they dont live close by.  Gambians have a tight nit family unit, the working members of the family will feed those not working.  A 1500KG bag of rice will set them back 1500 Dalasi.   So if your an attractive girl you can make some much more serious money from the single tourists.

the strip

I have something to eat in a a Cuban restaurant down the strip opposite the Wow bar and then head across for my next Wow experience.   A few girls are chatting to me but not really ticking all my boxes, after 10pm I head upstairs to the wow disco.  One of the waitress a tall very attractive girl gives me her phone number, to call her, she finishes work at 4AM.  She is a bit pushy though wanting a drink that costs 150 Dalasis then calling me ‘stingy’ when I query the price.

Initially she wanted 3000 Dalasi to come to my hotel room after work, but got her down to 1500 Dalasi.  I have to also consider the joiner fee of 700 D at the Sarjes hotel.

Come midnight and the wow disco was still pretty empty, mostly local Africans.  Nightclubs are not really my thing.  The Wow girl I met from the night before comes over to me and I tell her I am not looking for a girlfriend, just want to play around kind of thing.  She OK with that and leaves me alone.

I decide to have a night off, the girl from the previous night left me satisfied I had got through 3 of my condoms with her, at that rate I would be running out of condoms in a couple of nights.  But I already had a small collection of phone numbers of some pretty local Gambian girls, mostly waitresses.  The waitress were game, non pro and semi pro, a better option than the more hardcore girls that are available down the Senegambia strip.

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