Good morning Gambia

After walking the Wow bargirl back, I return to Sarjes hotel to sample their breakfast.  Bed and breakfast is included in the price.  Breakfast at Sarjes is from 7AM until 10PM.  I enter the buffet hall and the hotel cat is on the table helping himself to the salami, when the cat sees me he makes a quick exit.  I wont be touching the salami and report it to the hotel staff.

Cold meat and salad is generally a no no in hot tropical climates.   I may have never know a wild cat had its claws in it. The bread is fresh and so is the coffee, pretty basic, but every other morning they serve up hot beans, sausages and scrambled egg,  does the job and saves a few hundred Dalasi.

You do meet some characters in the breakfast room,  other people staying at Sarjes mostly single and old.  I was told I was really too young for Gambia by one, with him being 68.

After breakfast I make my way from Sarjes through the Kairaba and go for a walk along the beach.  I love going for a walk along the beach in the morning in a hot tropical country.

morning beach walk
Kololi beach

Its so refreshing, taking your sandals off and walking in the surf.   You do get some bumsters approaching you along the beach.  If you walk in the surf they tend to keep their distance as most wear trainers and dont want to get them wet.

I decide to just relax that day within the Kairaba on one of their beach front loungers for 200 Dalasi a day.  At 11AM I goto the Kairaba reception to meet my holiday rep.  He gives us the low down, some of the best restaurants along the strip, feedback from all the tourists he meets one week to the next.  I book up an excursion for Sunday, the Roots tour for £65, where we take a trip up the river Gambia and visit all the old slavery outposts and meet some of kunta kinte descendants.

If I dont take at least one day trip, the only part of Gambia I will see is the SeneGambia.  So looking forward to that, should be able to take some pictures.  As a monger it is always good to other other interests, history, photography, cooking etc.   The holiday rep also tells me the best place to exchange my sterling, a little Western union bureau opposite the Sarjes hotel.

The rep also directs me to a guy selling SIM cards sat outside the Kairaba reception.  He pops in a new SIM card for 50 Dalasi and I buy a 100 Dalasi of credit.  A local phone number is an essential item for mingling with the local Gambian girls.

Later I check out the exchange bureau opposite Sarjes hotel and can get 65.25 Dalasi for £1, that is a good exchange rate, so I change up another £50.   I spend the best part of the day relaxing on the beach lounger in the Kairaba, very relaxing, a beer here though costs 80 Dalasi.  On my way back to Sarjes later that afternoon I stop in a cuban restaurant in the Kairaba and have a delicious cheeseburger and chips, the food here is really good so far……

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