Africa, Shocking Tribes

Yep, an intermission,  Im going to feature some monger porn. there are alot of sites out there considered reality porn and actually feature mongers indulging in the artful hobby.  In between reporting my mongering adventures around the world through mongerplanet I am going to feature monger related porn.  As I am currently posting about Africa and Gambia I am going to introduce to some African monger porn.

African Shocking tribes features tons of amateur photos and videos taken by intrepid explorers and mongers travelling through this dark continent.

Africa porn
Shocking tribes

Anything is possible is Africa, and it comes cheap.  Thats not me in the picture above, I am not such a bold monger, but it could easily be.  He looks army to me, with that moustache?  Perhaps his eyes are bigger than his balls?  But those African girls look happy.   In this sex session somewhere in Africa this monger entertains 4 blacks girls.  Shocking tribes is full of pictures and videos just like the above.  Threesomes, foursomes whatever your heart desires is possible on the continent of Africa.   Mongering in Africa is where your dark fantasies can become a reality.  There really is some shocking pictures from Africa in Shocking tribes.  African girls who go around their daily life naked pieced and painted and dont but an eyelid.  Indulging in strange and explicit sexual rituals.  Give the chief of the tribe a cow from the village market and you can choose whatever African girls you want and they will become your devoted wifes, if thats what you want.  Shocking tribes gives you great insight into the continent of Africa and the black girls you could meet and the kind of adventures you might have.  Africa is now the last mongering frontier.


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