Gambia Girlfriend Experience

Checked my girl from the WOW bar into Sarjes hotel, where I was staying.  There is a joiner fee at Sarjes of 700 Dalasi.  The security guard checked her ID and signed her in.  The legal age in the Gambia is 18, this African girl told me she was 23.  She looked a cute and a little younger.

In the room she is a very pleasant and friendly girl and not mind me taking a few pictures of her.
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She undresses and takes a shower, her body is very tight and fit, very nice skin, no unpleasant blemishes or those African body odours.  Under the sheets and on top of them she is is very enthusiastic and attentive to my needs.  She not push I wear a condom but I do anyway, I have brought a big box of my own durex.  After the deed is done we lay cuddled up on the bed, and she is massaging me, stroking my head, I feel very relaxed and satisfied with my first night mongering in the Gambia.

I am feeling tired, a bit of jet lag and was up early due to an early flight and not sleep that well the night before due to excitement and too much red wine.  Its still early for the Senegambia, around 9PM but I am ready to sleep and she is happy to spend the night with me.   We wake up in the middle of night and she wants more sex, so I oblige.  She got a lovely black African ass, which I give a little slap, I think I could have done what I wanted to her, she give me some BBBJ too.

I awake early in the morning as I always do around 7AM,  I decide its time for her leave so make some excuses.  She wants me to come to her house and meet her family and she will take me into the forest today and be my escort and guide.  I tell her I have things to do today but take her phone number.   The Gambia experience had supplied me with a local Gambian SIM card, but it not seem to work.  I had my old dual SIM mobile phone with me.

I give her 1000 Dalasi, but she say too small so give her another 500 which she is then happy with.  So you can get long time girlfriend experience in the Gambia for 1500 Dalasi about £25.  Not bad, especially if you like the sexy black African girls.  I think the girls are keen to get themselves a regular tourist boyfriend for the duration of your stay.  I remember when it used to be like this in Thailand, not anymore,  I may have found pastures new, but not sure if I want a girlfriend experience that extends over one night though, will have to wait and see how things unfold….

Wow the strip

 I walk her back along the strip to the WOW bar and leave her there where she takes a taxi.  There are a few local Gambian people busying along the strip at 7AM getting ready for anothers day work pampering to all the tourist needs.   I have a meeting with my holiday rep at 11AM in the Kairaba where he will share local information, tips for the best restaurants, where to get the best exchange rates and booking up any excursions in and around the rest of Gambia….


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