The Wow Experience

Im heading back up through the Kairaba and along the little stretch of road called the SeneGambia otherwise known as the strip.  At the bottom of the strip is the SenGambia hotel, the first hotel in Kololi and hence the name.  The strip is packed with mostly restaurants for all the tourists and a few bars, nightclubs etc.

Its just after sunset, I got sandals on and quarter cut cargo pants, prime time for malaria infected mosquito’s.    I dont think Malaria is so prominent along the coast and especially during the winter season in Gambia.  Even so I have sprayed all exposed parts of my skin with DEET maximum strength 100 which is recommended for west Africa.  Prevention is better that cure.  A breeze blows off the Atlantic ocean and it has a chill, you would be quite comfortable in jeans long sleeve shirt and a vest.

The strip

The Senegambia AKA the strip is very lively, I am making my way to the WOW bar, a known hangout for mongers and bar girls.   Inside the Wow experience as it is called a bottle of JulBrew is only 25 Dalasi.  JulBrew is always served chilled and tastes good, is a good local Gambian brew.

There are a few groups of local African girls sat around.  From somewhere I got a Bumster sat with me, who looks as high as a kite, reggae and rastafarian is the culture of alot of the African men here.  I then have a cute black girl sat with me, I buy them both a drink, hell at 25 Dalasi its a bargain.

After a few more JulBrew this black girl is just getting more and more attractive and decide to take her back to Sarjes hotel.  The Bumster is following us and tell him I am not taking you into the hotel with us, I give him a 100 Dalasi more out of pity than obligation.  I am asking my girl how much she wants, she tells me she is not a prostitute and what ever I want to give her…..

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