Kololi Beach

I notice quite a few women around Sarjes hotel, old and ugly mostly even a couple of butch lesbian types, some with African men.  Gambia like many African and Caribbean resorts has its fair share of female sex tourism.  Oh well, live and let live, this was something I would need to get use to and accept, just goes to show underneath they are not much different from their men folk.

I decide to walk down to Kololi beach to check out the scene there, its a very nice evening and maybe I will catch a sunset with my camera over the western Atlantic ocean.  To get to Kololi beach from Sarjes you just walk through either the Kairaba or the Senegambia hotels.  You can use the facilities of the Kairaba or the Senegambia during the day, their beach loungers and pools for around a 200 Dalasi fee.

Kololi beach erosion
beach erosion

Well I was shocked at the sight of the beach in front of the Kairaba hotel, alot of beach erosion.  Not a particularly pleasant view.  Im told during the low season of 2014 its all going to be repaired by the Gambian authorities.  Further down the beach, the public part the beach is fine and people are going about their business.

Kololi beach
public beach

Gambia is a Muslim country with about 7 different tribes.  The majority of the country is Muslim around 90% and 10% Christian.  There is no fanaticism, fundamentalism and different religions inter marry.  A Muslim man can have 4 wifes.  How do they afford that?

The main tribe is the Mandinka.  I have read reports of lots of female genital mutilation in the Gambia.  Men who have taken local women to discover this back in the hotel room.   Barbaric practice that should have been consigned to the annals of history like the old Anglo Saxon practice of the ducking of witches, although sometimes I wish they would bring the latter back for some female politicians.

I stop off in Mani’s the Swiss  beach-front bar a restaurant just down from the Kairaba complex.   Seems they are getting ready to pack up for the day.  But I order a beer and sit down to watch the sunset and it was fantastic…

west african susnet
Kololi sunset

In a short space of time I have an attractive African woman sat with me, wanting to be my escort and the security guard.  They tell me the Swiss bar is open from 9AM and closes when the last customers leave, the beach loungers are free as long as you buy a drink or something else costs 50 Dalasi, so this is an option as Sarjes is not on the beach front.  The security guard is wanting to show me around, introduce me to girls and his sisters, he hands me his contacts details.

I say thanks but no thanks, not tonight want to experience the night life along the Sengambia otherwise known as the strip.  After the sunset I head back along the beach towards the Kairaba, every couple of minutes you are approached by Bumsters,  young African men trying to get some sort of business from you.  A clear and polite “No Thanks” is usually enough for them to leave….  My first impressions though were good, Gambia is very friendly…

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