Gambia Package holidays

From a UK perspective, there is a great site with loads of money saving tips and a really good section on saving money for travel.  Its here I learn about credit cards that you load up with your own cash that give the best exchange rate for using a card and never block as its only your own money.  As my holiday to Gambia was a package deal I read the articles on getting the cheapest package deals

For a destination like Gambia, its not always fully booked up.  Each tour operator has a quota of flight seats and hotel rooms that they try to sell up to the last moment.  I booked up my package deal with Gambia experience nearly 3 months in advance, to ensure I had a reservation and to give me something to look forward to while slaving away at the keyboard in a dull office with even duller people and extremely dull and wet weather, the worst on record.

After reading how to haggle for a cheap deal,  I then checked the prices for the same holiday but if I was wanting to leave in only a few days time, turns out I could have got the same package to Gambia staying at Sarjes hotel off the SeneGambia in Kololi for nearly half the price!!!  Lesson learnt.  This tactic would not always work, highly unlikely during school holidays or for a very popular destination like Florida.

Also turns out Thomas Cook were offering the lowest prices beating the Gambian experience.  I think why holidays in the Gambia do not get fully booked is because of all the fears related to Africa.  But from a mongers perspective this is good.  Need to get off the beaten tourist tracks, high prices and bad attitudes….

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