The new Mongerplanet

Going forward with the new mongerplanet, I want to post short anecdotes accompanied by images that may rarely exceed 250 words.  This allows for a much more free format regarding posts, I can post about anything monger related and not have to conform to some self imposed rigid format.

I have a huge image library and ideally would like to post daily with a picture and a small related story each containing some pertinent point.  I hope it proves popular.    I am not writing anymore with SEO in mind or any of that other over analytical hogwash.  Small nuggets of information are much more digestible rather than long winded guides.   Free format is the way to go…. I love blogging about my adventures travelling around the world and will continue to do so.

Anyone interested in the old mongerplanet, please leave a comment below as I may provide as a PDF download for a small fee, if there is a demand….