Mid Life Crisis

I am off to Gambia soon, I booked this trip up a few months back.  I feel like my life is changing now.  The pressure of work reached boiling point and I have now left.  We come to an amicable agreement though and am currently on ‘Gardening leave’.  So will continue to receive pay for the next couple of months and will be cashing in my shares that have rocketed in recent years, partly due to my contribution 🙂

On returning from Gambia, currently I am not intending to return to the job market.  I am planning on taking at least a year out, if not more.  I have a current loose plan of applying for a education visa and studying the Thai language basing myself in Pattaya.

I can stay in a basic hotel for £10 a night!  I could live in Pattaya quite comfortably on £10,000 a year.  While there no doubt will make new friends and encounter new opportunities.

From now on will be posting a more loose format on any subject more diary based with daily pictures.  No more porn or hardcore.  Hopefully the next year will be interesting.  Need to tear away from my straw ties here and change my life, leave the land of the living dead.


4 thoughts on “Mid Life Crisis”

  1. I look forward to reading your continued adventures. I too am seriously thinking of leaving these rain soaked shores.

    Any chance of restoring all your old content? It was a goldmine of useful information. Helped me out in Thailand and a few other trips…

    1. Matt, I may provide it as a PDF download, for a small fee like $5
      Just need to edit some stuff regarding some manipulative vindictive prostitutes I had the misfortune to meet off Craigslist
      I want to change the format going forward, as want to post about anything

      Stay tuned

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